Gasoline Prices And Octane Ratings

I see that today’s Dallas Morning News is talking about the price of gasoline going down again. Here is today’s’ prices in Dallas.
Gas Prices In Texas

Here in David the prices will change this Thursday. Currently the price for regular octane is $2.50. Many people comparing the price of gas in the States with Panama will probably make a mistake and not compare the equivalent octane ratings.

In Panama Regular is 91 octane. That is Premium in Texas. Texas has three grades 87/89/91. Panama has two 91/95. Why anyone buys 95 here is beyond my comprehension. The difference is substantial at the pump and you can’t even buy 95 octane in the US.

So for today’s prices it is $2.50 in David, Chiriqui in Panama vs. $2.30 in Texas. Not bad considering the difference in distance to the refineries.

Prices are usually at least 6 cents cheaper per gallon in Panama City than in David.

Note: Henry’s Comment to this post adds information I didn’t know and a more accurate comparison would be $2.50 in David vs. $2.10 in Texas.

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  1. Good Morning Panama, Here in Virginia prices for gasoline are about 10 to 15 cents more than in Dallas. Wild weather here today. 64 degrees outside at this time of day. They are catching it in the midwest so it will not be long before here. I am going to the pictures right now. Not sure how I find the most viewed but will work on it and report back. Dick

  2. Actually Panama’s 91 octane is closer to the US 87, maybe a tad higher. Panama uses the European octane rating system which returns higher numbers than the US system. Subtract 4 to get the US octane rating.


  3. Thanks for clearing that up Henry. I had wondered. None the less, I bet the 95 octane isn’t being purchased much here anymore. In the states, most people that have done any investigation decide that 87 is good enough.

  4. Diesel is very much used in Panama. It is also about 20 cents cheaper than regular.

    In the US now, diesel is usually 20 cents MORE than premium.

    Net result is that diesel in Panama is a good value, both kilometerage as well as price-wise.

  5. That is true Reggie. I just haven’t figured out if the difference in fuel price offsets the increase in the initial purchase of a diesel engine and the reported extra maintance prices. I understand that the 2007 Honda CR-V will offer a diesel and am wondering that very question.

  6. A lot of people buy 95 octane. Remember that most of the cars sold in Panama are not US spec and octane requirements may not be the same. The Honda dealer told my wife when she bought her Civic to use only 95, and my Chevrolet Aveo doesn’t run well on 91. My 1990 5.0 Mustang (sadly gone) ran just fine on 91, as does my 93 Tempo V6.

  7. I assume the Aveo is Korean since the Kia dealer said all the cars they sold including the Chevrolet came from Korea. I am surprised at the Honda Civic since in the states they will run fine on 87 octane. I had a Acura TX that I never put anything in but 87 and it ran great.

  8. Very proud to read about the gas rating to Panama because we will be there at the end of december 2011. Our car will be sent by boat from Fort-Lauderdale to Colon-Panama. Our car is a Ford escape 2011 and we are using 87 octane gasoline here in North-America and it’s a free lead gasoline. Is it the same in Panama ? Is the 91 octane gasoline is a non lead gasoline ? Hope to read you soon about that and thanks.

  9. Just an other question about our trip to Panama. Some friends told us that it will be more interesting to go to Panama with our car instead to use the boat. Do you know if the road is safe to cross all the countries we should have to do starting to the Mexico’s borders and Texas ? Do you have any comments about that scenario ? In a such case we will be 2 persons: my wife and I.

  10. Henry Smith is right . . . Panama uses RON (Research Octane Number). US octane ratings are expressed as AKI, which is an average of RON and the much lower MON (Motor Octane Number). US 87 octane (AKI) is 90-92 RON.

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