Panama’s Second Independence Day Is Its First Independence Day

Not again. This must be a dream. These things ran through my mind at 2AM this morning as I was awakened by yet another band playing loud drums and bugles. Where am I? What time is it? Oh yes, it is November 28 and the day that Panama gained independence from Spain. A country having two Independence Day’s in one month is just not fair. November 3, 1903 is the day Panama gained independence from Colombia. November 28, 1821 is the date Panama gained independence from Spain, but became a part of Colombia.

Panama is a very proud country and these two days are very important days in its history. I celebrate their independence with them. I would just prefer not to start at 2AM in the morning.

7 thoughts on “Panama’s Second Independence Day Is Its First Independence Day

  1. Officialy there is only one Independence Day, that is November 28 the day that Panama gained independence from Spain.

    The celebration on November 3, 1903 is not Officialy a Independence day. it is the day Panama “separated” of the Great Colombia alianz of south american nations in response to threats from spain taking back their old colonies. So November 3, 1903 is Officialy Separation of Colombia.

  2. Hi Diego,

    Chiriqui Chatter does not claim to be to be an historical authority. However, if you do a Google search on “Panama November 3, 1903”, I think the majority of information you will find states that November 3, 1903 is the day that Panama declared itself independent from Colombia. So rather than starting at the bottom of the reporting chain (Chiriqui Chatter), if you want this date reflected differently, start with the top historical references.

    Anyway you look at it, before that date Panama was a part of Colombia and following that date it was independent. If you are a part of something and you separate from it, you have become independent of the other entity.

    Again, I don’t write history. I just read it.

  3. Hi Mauricio,

    It sounds like you have just received your assignment to educate the populous that Panama did not gain “independence” from Colombia on November 3, 1903. I admit that I am a guest in this wonderful country, but when the holiday arrived and I asked natives of Panama what the holiday was, I received the same answer over and over again and that was that it was the Independence Day from Columbia.

    Then when I did a search on the Internet, I also found that the preponderant amount of sources were also confused and thought that Panama received its independence from Colombia on that day.

    From you and Diego, I take it that you are being taught differently. Now a good task for you would be to work on the rest of the world and teach them the correct facts as you see them, based on the facts that you can produce. You might want to start with the US Embassy in Panama which posts the following page in its website.

    By the way Mauricio, you have some wonderful photos in your blog.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Don Ray

  4. It doesn’t say nothing about there independence it just tlks about there day. What kind of article is this??

    Elizabeth Tavares

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