Chilling out!

Melissa, the Cooking Diva, had said to me the other day that she had heard that it was chilly here now. I replied,

“Only when I open my refrigerator door.”

Well she was right and I was wrong. Don’t you just hate it when a woman knows more than you do!

I learned the truth last night. I always sleep with the fan on and the covers pulled up. I never really know what the real temperature is I just sleep that way. Well last night about 2:00AM the electricity went out for two hours. Now I am sure you are wondering how I knew the electricity went out. It wasn’t because the fan went off, which it did. It was because my UPS on my computer started yelping to come turn it off.

I got up and stumbled to my UPS in the dark and shut it down so it would shut up. Then I returned to bed. With no fan, I decided to not use all the covers and that is when it struck me. It is really chilly in here. No fan on and I was chilly. Now who would think that you could ever get chilly in David? I heard the clock strike for the next two hours and I was chilling out. Then the electricity came back, the fan started, and I went back to sleep.

Well, Melissa, I have to give you credit for knowing more than me (not really that much of a compliment). The next time you talk about the weather, I am going to pay strict attention.

Chili in David last night, probably hot tamale. I know, I know, that is a pretty bad joke, but my brain has frost bite.

2 thoughts on “Chilling out!

  1. I promise I won’t say -I told you-! The funny thing is that I do not watch TV at all (well…, only when I want to take a nap), I just ask people located in different places how is the weather like 🙂

    The power also was interrupted here in Panama City, at the same time. It was very strange,…I do not recall it went off that long in all the country before.

    Who knows?
    Enjoy your Sunday!

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