Vuelta Ciclista de Chiriqui

There was a bicycle race going on in David today. I understand that it is called Vuelta Ciclista de Chiriquí. I may be wrong on the name, but that is what I understood. From what I hear it is supposed to take place through out Chiriquí. I guess it is sort of the Tour de Chiriquí. Last year’s winner was from Colombia and I understand he walked away with about $25,000. That is big bucks for here. Someone from Chiriquí was supposed to be in the lead today. If anyone knows more, let me know. I sure didn’t envy the riders here today. It has been a nasty day, and it is raining like crazy right now.

5 thoughts on “Vuelta Ciclista de Chiriqui

  1. Wow…$25,000 is a big prize here. I think that person went back to Colombia very very happy! BTW Don, I heard it has been quite chilly over there, is it true?

  2. Hello Don Ray, I’m from David Chiriqui but currently living in Richmond Virginia. I was looking for info for this year Vuelta a Chiriqui and I Found your website is very nice, specially all the photos. I think 25,000 it really is a BIG price over there, maybe some day I race the vuelta.

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