FreeMem v4.3

Another utility I have been trying that I found in PCWORLD is FreeMem. I have been curious if I had enough memory on my PC and I decided to try this utility and find out. I have been surprised to see how much memory I had left after everything loaded from a fresh boot.

It made me wonder if I should consider buying another 512 meg, but then I tried the function it has for freeing up memory and I had half of my memory back. It seems that after freeing memory from the initial boot, my PC stays pretty consistant on memory usage from there on.

Here is what the PCWorld writeup for FreeMem said,

If you’re a multitasking maven — or if you just use your computer like a workhorse — you’ll appreciate this program. It lets you “free up” memory by forcing Windows to flush its cache for programs and DLLs you’ve already opened but aren’t using. The effect is that you can control the RAM you use, instead of it being dictated by the programs you have launched and those in your system startup.
Another useful feature of the program is the ability to monitor the RAM you’re using. An icon resides on your taskbar with a green, yellow, and red indicator showing your current memory condition as well as your available memory. Since the program shows you your limits, you can avoid system freeze-ups before it’s too late.
Finally, you can boot applications through FreeMem, letting you free up RAM so memory-hog programs (graphics programs, Word Perfect, streaming audio players) can run more effectively.

If you are curious about your PC’s memory usage, you might want to try it. (FreeMem v4.3)

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