Chiriqui Chatter, WordPress and IE

I have finally gotten around to doing a little research on the problems with Chiriqui Chatter being displayed horribly under Internet Explorer. Apparently IE does not interpret the CSS correctly and therefore the right sidebar gets pushed down to the bottom of the screen. It may be worse because my photos were not small enough for IE.

I am working on the problem. I have tried Chiriqui Chatter under Opera, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape (a Firefox derivative and the browser I use) as well as others. It displays correctly and fast. I have tried another theme and it is much better looking, however it has a worse problem under IE, that being it is much slower.

If you haven’t tried one of the other browsers, you might want to try one. I have found all to be much better than IE as far as speed and use of the available screen. I particularly like the way Netscape added some toolbar options. Once in a while I have to use IE because a site requires it, but that is very seldom. Netscape also has the ability to render as Firefox format or IE.

3 thoughts on “Chiriqui Chatter, WordPress and IE

  1. Hi Don, I use Firefox and Slimbrowser mostly. The first page of your blog doesnt display correctly via Slimbrowser. I can read it, but the alignment is not perfect—Other than that it looks great 🙂

  2. Slimbrowser is a new one on me. I will have to take a look at it. I am contemplating buying a book on CSS and learning a little more about it. I wasn’t anxious to do that, but I don’t like being held hostage by software and code I don’t understand.

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