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Probably the first thing that a person from the US should realize is that cars manufactured for Panama are not the same cars that you would buy and have experience with in the US. I have been told that some people have had trouble with some service on US autos that they brought here because of some of the differences. Cars are one thing that becomes personal preference. I would advise that you check into the reputation of the dealer you choose. It is my personal opinion that the dealer may be more important than the brand.

General Motors, Kia, Subaru Located just off the Inter-American Highway next to Super Baru. I looked at some of the Chevrolets, which I thought would probably be built in Mexico. I was told that all of the cars they had on the showroom floor were from Korea.
GM< Kia, Subaru

Honda (Bahia Motors) While you are now starting to see a lot of Honda’s in David, the dealership is in Panama City. I understand that Honda is serviced by Grupo Tambor in David.

Hyundai (Petroautos, S.A.) Located on the Inter-American Highway

Grupo Q sells Mazda, Chrysler, Jeep, SsangYong and is located just off the Inter-American Highway across from Toyota.
Mazda, Chrysler, SsangYung

Toyota (Ricardo Perez, S. A.) Located on the Inter-American Highway
Ricardo Perez also carries Daihatsu which isn’t shown on its website. I have had some experience with car and I really liked it for a small car. 35 miles per gallon isn’t too shabby for a 4×4.
Toyota, Daihatsu

Mitsubishi (MMC Panama, S.A.) Located on Calle Miguel Ángel Brenes a block or so from Nissan.

Nissan (Panamotor) Located on Calle Miguel Ángel Brenes next to McDonald’s

Skoda (TESA) Located on Calle Miguel Ángel Brenes close to Super99.

Ford Products (Distribuidora David) Located on the Inter-American Highway right across from KFC in David, Chiriqui.
Ford and Suzuki

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  1. There are some close to the Baseball stadium. If you drive the streets to the right and left of the stadium you will see some within a couple of blocks.

  2. Hey Don Ray,

    You might want to update the Honda dealer in PC to David. I shopped them Friday and was helped by a young lady who spoke fluent English, and knew her stuff.


  3. Hola,

    Estoy planeando visitar panama el proximo fin de semana, y me gustaria que me ayudaran en la compra de un automovil.

    Ando buscando, un automovil 4 puertas, gasolina no muy viejo pero de segunda.

    me podrian ayudar?


    Luis Badilla
    Costa Rica

  4. Hi! I’m from Costa Rica,, I wanna buy a Toyota yaris, but I don’t know if this places sells used cars or just new ones… Can you say me about this?

    Thank you very much!

  5. I am looking for a good used pick up with a crew cab. First choice would be a Toyota Hilux. This seems to be the most popular, not sure if it is the best. Second would be a Nissan. Would like an automatic, 4 wheel drive with the bigger diesel motor. We have been living in David for a month and it is time to ditch the rental car and taxis. Hopefully the local price is the same as the gringo price. Appreciate your help or advice.


  6. It is always a good idea to talk to the dealer. Sometimes they know of a person that is wanting to trade and since the dealers don’t take trade-ins, they try to help find buyers. Oscar Hernandez at the Toyota dealer would be one person to ask.

  7. Dear Don Ray,
    Hi, my son and I just moved to Boquete. We are looking for a small car in the price range of $3000. I have been looking on the net. I am not very experienced with this sort of thing. I don’t know where to look for my buget and I don’t know who to trust. Can you point me in the right direction please?

    Have a great day
    Thank you

  8. Hi Donna. I use Carlos Saldana for all my auto repair. His number is 6615-8812. He speaks English and sometimes has customers wanting to sell cars. He has helped me in the past when I had a pickup to sell. The problem will be to find one that has been serviced well. Carlos would also be a good person to have check any car prior to buying.

    Here was the last post I did on Auto Serviceos de Chiriqui (Carlo’s shop). http://www.chiriquichatter.net/blog/2011/08/07/it-is-good-to-have-a-reliable-auto-service-center/

    I have also found that some of the dealers may have clients that want to trade in but need to find a buyer for the current car. Oscar Hernandez with the Toyota dealer might have some ideas too, but if it is a Toyota trade-in the price will most likely be higher.

  9. looking for the toyota dealers phone nu in david. want to buy a hillux diesel + want to compare prices with panama city. i think oscsr is the guy i need to talk to

  10. Hello. I am moving to my Casa in Boquete by Jan 15th. I will be taking my two German Sheppards and would like a low klm SUV or wagon. Best price Canadiam/Irish
    Also would like a full house of quality furniture?

  11. Don Ray I appreciate all the info on your site. I am looking for a new car or good used 2nd car. What is the best car to buy? I would like to keep the price under $20,000 if possible. No! I don’t know a lot about cars.

  12. It kind of depends on what your needs are. You have a choice os several new cars if a smaller car is fine. I was able to buy a 2014 Suzuki SX4 at a reasonable price.

  13. Suzuki would be fine. Where is the Suzuki dealer located? Would it be best to buy the car in Panama City?

  14. Thanks to google translate, I knew what Luis Badilla was saying in about 30 seconds.
    — good luck Luis , I hope you find a suitable car over the weekend in Panama.
    I have to wonder why he’s doing that. I called a man in CR about purchasing a motorcycle in CR and bringing to Chiriqui. He told me to forget it. Said it was a huge expensive hassle.

  15. I have a 2013 Chevy Equinox purchased in the US. If I bring it to David will I be able to get it serviced properly?

  16. In addition to parts, dealerships may not have the latest test equipment for testing. The newer the model, the more dependent it is on computer test equipment. Many cars now have no mechanical controls at all. Gas pedal, brakes, even steering is done electronically. Without up-to-date test equipment, servicing is impossible.

  17. I am having trouble contacting the Ford dealership service center.i brought a Ford focus from California and it needs some recall work.i live in southern Costa Rica and am not happy at all the the San Jose Ford dealership.can you please tell me a contact email for the fordFord dealer in David

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