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Probably the first thing that a person from the US should realize is that cars manufactured for Panama are not the same cars that you would buy and have experience with in the US. I have been told that some people have had trouble with some service on US autos that they brought here because of some of the differences. Cars are one thing that becomes personal preference. I would advise that you check into the reputation of the dealer you choose. It is my personal opinion that the dealer may be more important than the brand.General Motors, Kia, Subaru Located just off the Inter-American Highway next to Super Baru. I looked at some of the Chevrolets, which I thought would probably be built in Mexico. I was toll that all of the cars they had on the showroom floor were from Korea.

Honda (Bahia Motors) UPDATED 2009: David now has a dealership for Honda, You can read about it HERE.

Hyundai (Petroautos, S.A.) Located on the Inter-American Highway

Grupo Q. – Mazda, Chrysler, Jeep, SsangYong  UPDATED 2009: I understand these cars are now cars serviced by Felipe Rodriguez.
Toyota (Ricardo Perez, S. A.) Located on the Inter-American Highway
Ricardo Perez also carries Daihatsu which isn’t shown on its website. I have had some experience with car and I really liked it for a small car. 35 miles per gallon isn’t too shabby for a 4×4.

Mitsubishi (MMC Panama, S.A.) Located on Calle Miguel Ángel Brenes a block or so from Nissan.

Nissan (Panamotor) Located on Calle Miguel Ángel Brenes next to McDonald’s

Skoda (TESA) Located on Calle Miguel Ángel Brenes close to Super99.

Suzuki The Suzuki dealer in David is closed.

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  1. I currently live in the U.S. but I am very interested in moving to David, Panama. Employment is the only hang up. I don’t speak fluent Spanish. I have over 13 yrs. of Automotive Sales experience as a Sales Consultant, Sales Manager, and Used Car Department Manager with a large Dealer Group here in the South Eastern U.S. Does anyone have any suggestions or possible contacts that may prove to be benefical???

  2. Hi Lonnie. You have to have a work permit to work in Panama, if you are not Panamanian. From what you described. I don’t think you would qualify.

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