Café Don Sui Restaurant (aka Panama Rey Hotel Restaurant)

Hotel Panama Rey Restaurant
I needed a good meal today, and I was not in the mood to cook. I went to the one restaurant that has feed me more than any other restaurant in David. It is located next to the Panama Rey hotel in David. It is called Café Don Sui, but I usually tell everyone I ate at the Hotel Panama Rey. It is a Chinese restaurant and I like to go there weekdays for the lunch menu. Monday through Saturday the lunch menu costs $2.75 for soup and the main meal. With the jubilado discount, I have a great meal for $2.06.

I especially like their Wontons that come with the plate. They are filled with cream cheese, and really add something to the meal. I think I have had at least one of everything on the lunch menu and I have liked it all. I like the food, I like the service, I like the fact that the lady that owns the place is always asking me how the food was today. The restaurant is a small restaurant and you probably wouldn’t go there if you didn’t know about it. I won’t say that the restaurant is fancy and the meals are the simple Chinese that so many Panamanians like. I will say that it is consistent and I have yet to have a bad meal.

I needed a good meal today and as always, I got one at Café Don Sui.

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  1. I totally agree with you. Food is always great in this restaurant. And, yes not a lot of people knows about it. The cream cheese fried wanton are my favorites, but as i said everything is great.
    Try the panamenian breakfast….you won´t be dissapointed.

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