David’s Major Hospitals

The Social Security hospital is obviously where those with social security benefits go. I have an appointment there to start some physical therapy for some compressed vertebras and it is supposed to have the most equipment to support this therapy. I made the appointment at the end of September and my appointment for consultation is in December. I also understand that this hospital is the best equipped with life saving equipment. I am not anxious to test it out. This is a Google map of the Hospital’s Location.
Social Security Hospital in David

Just down the road is the new Children’s Hospital. This is another hospital that I do not have any need to visit. Well that is not entirely true. I understand that that they have a ward for critically ill children and have been looking for a way to buy a television for these kiddos. I have been meaning to go look at the location and consider buying the TV for them.
Children's Hospital

Here is Mae Lewis hospital. It has a very good reputation and a lot of good resident doctors. I took a tour through this hospital when I was making the decision to move to Panama.
Mae Lewis Hospital

This is Chiriqui Hospital. It also has a good reputation and a lot of good doctors. I have seen two doctors here and both spoke good English. Finding English-speaking doctors is no problem in David. Their receptionist speaking English is another question. I have yet to talk to a receptionist that has spoken English.
Chiriqui Hospital

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  1. Hello Don Ray! How r u? Nice Pictures from Chiriqui! Specially from the new hospital. I really like them, definately we have the most beautiful province.. CHIRIQUI 🙂 I really enjoy the holidays and i add some pictures of the parade of juan diaz of the Nov 10 celebration! 🙂 Check it… see ya!!

  2. WOW theHospital Chirqiu is huge. I had an operation there in ’01. They treated me like king. I ‘m retired military and treated like was on active duty. With no questions about my insurance coverage. They did the surgery before getting paid. Great place

  3. Bought a home in Volcan and will be moving as soon as house sells in the States. I need to find a good pain doctor in David, or Volcan or anywhere in between. I looked up the International Association for the Study of Pain and found a Dr. Ricaurte Hernandez and a Dr. Elias Atencio. Also mentioned on this site where the following: Dr. Gabriel Caco, Dr. Jose Luis Bernuil, Dr. Gil Gisela, Dr. Mario Garibaldo, Dr. Antonio Serracin, and Dr. Eduardo Anguizola. Has anyone had any experience with any of these doctors?

    There are probably many doctors not a part of this Association. I could use any help on identifying a good doctor.

  4. Hello! I don´t know whether the other doctors in the list are in David, but Ricaurte Hernández lives and works here. He is the Director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Regional Hospital. Apart from that, he has his private office, 775-5357, in his own building “Beverly Hills Plaza” on Ave Belisario Porras. His wife Gladys D´Lisser, esthetician, studied in Paris.

    Regarding the request on a recommendation for an internal medicine doctor at Hospital Chiriqui, some of them are my friends, acquaintances or, even bright former students. So, my ethical principles refrain me from giving any specific recomendation. I am not qualified to devalue any of them. Best of luck!

  5. Hi, I am considering move to Chiriqui but I have a heart condition called coronary artery disease. There is a cardiologist in Chiriqui with a specialty in this disease or a Catheterization Laboratory? Because I have two coronary stents and if I need an emergency procedure I want to be sure that I will be helped by a good doctor…

  6. Hi Paul. I can’t answer your question. I have a friend that just received stents put in the US. When I checked for him, I was refered to a doctor in Panama City who visits David on a monthly basis.

  7. Hello Mr. Williams,
    There is no equipment for catheterization nor open heart surgery in the whole country, except in Panama City. Neverteless, my dad´s cardiologist Franklin Anguizola ( Mae Lewis Hospital) is providing medical follow up to Panamanian and American stent patients who live here in Chiriqui. I could have asked him directly (via cell phone) but he is with a patient right away. So I talked with her wife Xiomara, neumologist and intensivist, who said that in such an emergency, Franklin may stabilize the patient so that he/she can be sent to Panama City, an hour away by plane. I have seen that they have a good investment in medical diagnosis equipment.



  8. Hi, is Hospital Chiriqui at Calle Central and Av 3 Oeste? I read somewhere that it was at Calle B Sur and Av 4 Oeste… Thanks for your help!

  9. I can’t be certain of the second, but it is not Calle Central. If you are driving on the InterAmerican highway toward Costa Rica, you will see a large sign on the left telling you to turn left for Hospital Chiriqui.

  10. Well wasn’t really looking for confrontation just making an observation on the time line.Are you both so touchy or is it just one of you?

  11. Sorry if I misread your comment, ralph. I assumed you were interested in locating the hospital. As Don Ray is sans smartphone at the moment I thought dropping a link was the fastest way to provide info on finding the hospital. The hospital’s weblink is also there for your convenience.

    As for confrontational, your “can’t do any better than that?” seemed a bit like that. I’ll stop helping now.

  12. i have had a total of 4 stints put in the heart and will be in David Panama for a few months in March tell Sept where would they take me say I was to have another heart attack and what is the closest hospital to do another stint I worry about not getting proper help and letting me die

  13. Normally all emergencies are taken to the Regional hospital. As far as I know, the only doctors doing stints are working in Hospital Chiriqui.

  14. Is there a Coumadin Clinic at any of the David Hospitals? We’ll be staying I Boquete this winter and I wonder if I can get my bloodwork done in Boquete with the results sent to the INR clinic to have the levels checked? Thank you

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