Boy, Does My Car Need An Oil Change!

One of the things I never cease to be amazed with is how friendly and helpful people are in Panama. You just need to greet them with a smile and you will always get a bigger one returned. Don’t worry if your Spanish is not perfect. They do appreciate it if you do make an attempt at communicating in Spanish, however. Knowing a few words helps.

Today I said I would take a friend’s car and get it inspected. The process is different from what you are used to, if you have only known the US inspections. You just need the car’s registration papers and you take it to a licensed shop. Here they take photos of all four views of the car. That is it. Well, almost. You do have to pay $15.80 and then they print out an official inspection document for you to take to your place of registration for new plate stickers.

The place I went was MARCONELA AUTOSERVICIOS. MARCONELA AUTOSERVICIOSIt is very convenient. If you are on the Inter-American Highway, turn on the road that has the big sign directing you to the Airport. Then turn right on the next corner, then left on the next corner, and you will see them on your right. If you want an appointment you can send them an email at

But back to the friendliness of the people here, Cindia escorted me to the car so that she could take the photos. While my Spanish is not the best, she said hers was non-existent. That wasn’t completely true because she knew “Photos”, “Picture”, and a few others that obviously are needed to communicate with the gringos that come to have their car inspected.

While she and Kathia completed the paperwork and printed the Inspection Document, I talked to them about the next two days festivities. It is obviously on all minds now. I really need to take photos of the parade on one of the next two days. There will be bands from all over Chiriqui and tons of venders selling traditional bar-b-que and other eats. My stomach is starting to growl just thinking of all the food.

I had a great time talking to the young ladies and was very impressed with how service minded they are. This is a great place to go if you need and inspection, tires rotated, oil changed, etc. While you are there you can practice your Spanish with Kathia and Cindia.KATHIA & CINDIA

Tell Kathia and Cindia I said hello.

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