SuSE 10.0 Needs A New Home

SuSE 10.0I have to tell you that after playing with the new SUSE 10.0 Linux system for about 15 days, I am very impressed. The only thing that isn’t impressing me is the performance I am getting running it on my old Dell Dimension XPS D233 PC. While it has provided an environment to evaluate the product, is painfully slow. The good thing about having a slow PC is that it is giving me an excuse to upgrade to a faster box.

Since this is a PC, that I do not consider my primary PC, I do not want to put a lot of money in it. I am limiting myself to $500. Luckily I am going to use the hard drive that I have in the Dell so that cuts out about a $50 expense. My main PC is in a large tower made by Cooler Master and I do not want, nor do I have space for, another large tower. I have been looking at the new SFF (Small Form Factor) PCs, but they want too much money and I am a little concerned with the cooling capability. I think the case I want to go with is built by Aspire and is the X-Qpack model. I haven’t decided on the color so you can help me choose. I am leaning toward the black.

For the motherboard, I think I will go with a new board from Gigabyte. It is built for the new AMD 64 processor and that should provide all the horsepower I want for Linux.

The CPU I will probably go with is the AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice 1GHz FSB 512KB L2 Cache Socket 939 Processor. It will make my primary PC look as slow as molasses, but that might be justification to upgrade it also.

I think I will put in 1 gig of memory and DVD writers have gotten so cheap, I will use a DVD writer in place of a regular CD drive.

Since the motherboard provides both audio and video, the system is complete. Current prices, using NEWEGG as a source, brings this upgrade in at $449. I will check with Alex at INFOX, but since I am specifying exact components, it is unlikely that he can get them in Panama. Having to pay duty and shipping from the US will bump the price up a fair amount, maybe as much as 30%. However, if I am right this has the possibility of using this as a media PC in the future, so I will look at it as an investment.

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  1. I am a long time Linux user, and have been using SuSE since 8.0 and Mandrake before that. I think the advice that so many give about trying Linux on a discarded computer is dated. A couple of years ago, most Linux distros worked just fine on low horsepower computers, and there are some distros that will work just fine with them today, but SuSE, Mandrake, and Fedora are not among them unless you do a custom install and leave out the memory hogs. The latest distros running KDE or Gnome require almost as much power as Win XP for decent performance. If you want to see that old box perform, try something like Feather Linux. I use a bootable CD version for rescuing data from older Win PCs that will no longer boot from the HD, and it is just as fast from the CD as Win98 from the hard drive on a ~200 MHz processor.

    You should be real happy with the performance of your new box.


  2. Thanks for the comment Henry. I really wasn’t surprised by the shortage of horsepower on my old box. I had kept it because I had thought I might use the box solely as a firewall and if I had done that I would have put in a minimal installation.

    However, I no longer have that need and want go get back to just having a good box to do a little playing around with Linux. It is just a diversion for a rainy day. The new release of SuSE looks really good. Since my needs are for general purpose and for the Internet and not for games or other programs that require Windows, I can see the possibility of this being my main box. The latest Gnome is pretty slick and competes very well with a Windows environment.

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