Hey Santa. That Plasma TV Would Look Good Under My Tree This Year.

One post that I lost, in this crazy urge to change publishing platforms, was on several of the places I shop in David. When I moved to Panama, I was not accustomed to bargaining to get the best price. In the US, when an item is marked with a price, that is what the item sells for.

In Panama, for many items, such as kitchen appliances, televisions, cameras, etc., I have found that the price in the store is the starting price. One phrase I learned soon after coming here, was “¿Ése es su mejor precio?” (Is that your best price?) Now, I hardly buy anything before asking that question.

Some of the stores I have always gone to are AudioFoto, downtown next to the park, and SONITEC, which is on the intersecting street of AufioFoto. They both carry household appliances as well as cameras, radio and stereos and other items.

I also go to Rodelag for plumbing and electrical needs and it also carries appliances and other items. Another store worth going to is Casa Gala, which, besides appliances, carries a lot of furniture and beds.

However, a new store has recently opened in David that I had recommended to me. It is INFOX. If I look at the other stores in David first, and then go to INFOX, I invariably find a little better price. They have quickly come to be known for having fairly priced products and providing very good service. They specialize in small appliances, refrigerators, washers and dryers, air conditioners, kitchen stoves and my favorite “Plasma televisions”. I bought a microwave from them and found the same microwave priced $40 dollars higher at other stores. I am still drooling over the plasma TVs.

Alex and Melissa run INFOX. They are two fine people. If you do not speak Spanish, you do not have to worry, because Melissa’s English is very good. I have been in a bind a couple of times and telephoned Melissa and asked her to act as translator for me.

Alex is also a builds computers, so if you are in need of a faster PC, have him give you a quote and he will build you one.

If you are shopping for a new stove, refrigerator, or what ever, stop into INFOX.
It is right across the street from Rodelag.INFOX

Say “Hi” to Melissa and tell her Don Ray sent you.Melissa at INFOX

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