Hankerin For Some US Fast Food in David

If you have a desire to get away from the normal Panamanian food for a meal, then you have several to choose from in David. You will find the same taste you are familiar with in the states. The menus will look very much the same. The good news is that all prices are in US dollars.

First is the home of the Big Mac – McDonald’s: It always has a fair number of people eating there, but on Friday evenings and weekends there are a lot more people.McDonalds - Home of the Big Mac

Second on my list is Kentucky Fried Chicken or as everyone knows it here KFC. One thing you will see on the menu here, that you will not see in the US, is Sancocho de Gallina (Panamanian Chicken Soup). This is one of the favorite things that the Panamanians eat. It doesn’t matter that it is 92 degrees out, they will have a big bowl. Yum!KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken

Since you can still watch football on Sunday, what is better than a little Dominoes Pizza. Also there is always two for one on Tuesdays.Dominoes Pizza (2x1 on Tuesdays)

And last you have SUBWAY. This is the one fast food restaurant where I have never seen many people. I also have noticed that it is very possible that the more exotic items on the menu are not available. While we are looking at SUBWAY, you can see PARS Computers to the right. This is one of the better places to find computer equipment (CDs, DVDs, motherboards, etc.).SUBWAYNOTE: While I wasn’t looking, SUBWAY closed its doors in 2005.

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