I have now opened my account with AIRBOX EXPRESS. When I was preparing to move to Panama, one of the first things I knew I had to do was have a reliable provider to handle my mail from the US. I did a lot of research and decided on USABOX. They have been a very good provider. I liked having the ability to view what mail had arrived in the Florida mailbox and being able to discard the junk mail I didn’t want. Many months I have thrown away 9 pounds of junk mail. I never had quantified how much waste mail I got in the US, but now that I was going to be charged for it, it made a difference. My plan with USABOX was $35 a month and I could receive one delivery a month of 5 pounds.

The main problem, and the reason I started looking for a replacement, was the extra charges I received from the David DHL office if I had anything else delivered. I understand that I have to pay duty and taxes on goods over $50 dollars, but I just to receive my Linus box cost me $17.00. And the value of the package should not have been taxed or had any duty. With my new incentive, I asked for and received recommendations from Panamanians that also need such a service. It seems that the majority used AIRBOX EXPRESS. With them I can receive mail delivery 4 times a month and up to 4 pounds for just $17.

What an improvement. I get four times the deliveries, to my door if I want, and it costs ma ½ as much. Shoot even a country boy like me can recognize that kind of bargain. For a fee of $5.00 they will guarantee that I don’t get anymore junk mail. I know I don’t receive more than 4 pounds of real mail a month, so that is real savings. I have included a copy of the pricing list for the service I have contracted for below.

Personal Account Classic Account

The classic account have a monthly fee of $16.50 plus 5% of taxes, this monthly fee allows you to bring up to 4 pounds in the month, in mail or package just in the freight. If you do not use your 4 pounds in the month it is not accumulative.
The cost for documents is $3.85 per pound For small packages
Weight Cost per pound
1 pound $5.45
2 pounds $9.30
3 pounds $13.15
4 pounds $17.00
5 pounds $20.85
6 pounds $24.70
7 pounds $25.55
8 pounds $32.40
9 pounds $36.25
10 pounds $40.10
Freight of packages from 11 pound up Weight Cost per pound
11-24 pounds $3.03
25-99 pounds $1.76
100 + pounds $1.21
When the merchandise weights 25 pounds up it is bill $17.00 of handling.
If the packages is less than $50.00 and is a personal account you wont pay taxes
If the packages have a cost of more than $100.00 you have to pay secure of 1.1% of the cost of merchandise if it is less Airbox Express Aerocasillas will assume it.
If the packages have value of more than $50 you need to pay a: customer broker We do not have limits on users in the account and it do not have any additional fees. We do not have limits on the quantity of pounds.
Customer broker fees
Merchandise Cost Cost of the customer broker
$0 a $300 $5
$301-$1,000 $21
$11001-$4,999 $40
$5,000-$9,999 $65
To obtain the account you just need to fill Affiliation agreement. When you fill it we will give you account number and your intelligent physical address. You need to pay two months of deposit and one month.
For help call 775-4512 email address:

14 thoughts on “Goodbye USABOX. Hello AIRBOX EXPRESS

  1. Yes. I am very happy. They have provided good service, and everytime I enter they have a smile on their face and a friendly word.

  2. Hi Don,

    I was wondering if your still with this company? 28/1/07?

    I went to there site that you have provided and tried to join but everytime I complete the form press submit takes me to page error,not sure why. but it sounds good with there shipping prices.
    I have joind up with Access USA and I’m finding there fees abit to much .I have to pay a $10 fee to use there credit card and can be only to the amount of $300 anymore then that will have send money by using T/T. which cost me $20NZD to pay my bank in NZ and another $20USD and $12USD for Access USA to collect my funds. I dont even know what there going to charge me to ship my goods to me. is AIRBOX EXPRESS cheaper? can anyone join or is just for the USA member only? am able to put my own value on my invoice and request it to be sample or wholesales order? sorry for all my question but your the only person that I know is customer of this company and was wondering if you could help me with my question,I have emailed this company but not sure if I will get a reply from them. my needs are buying electronic goods from the USA and send to my home address.




  3. Hey Don-
    I am an intern at Aerocasillas and part of my internship project is to read clients blogs and make sure they are satisfied with our services. I just wanted to say thank you for your kind words about Aerocasillas we definitely appreciate your business as well as the client referrals.
    Thank you-

  4. The posted rates are wrong. I don’t get a letter without it costing me over eight dollars. There service use to be good. Now it takes over a month to get my packages to Panama. The shipping time keeps getting worse and worse. I switched to Airbox Express because they were much faster than my old forwarder, but not any more. I guess it’s time to switch back to Pakyapanama even tho Marty is difficult to deal with and it takes them a month in transit. Is there any other reasonable alternatives? The Panama mail system certainly does not work. Any package going through the Panama mail is free for the taking to any mail employee.


  5. The rates were good at the time of the post. I don’t check on a year by year basis and update the prices. The same is true of any prices of restaurants. You have to look at the date of the post to see when the rates were valid. Thanks for bringing this to other’s attention.

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