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Three Lives

Three Lives
By Don Ray Williams
February 9, 2005

Three lives were crossed, if just by chance,
And he the common link.
He had looked for love, just one romance,
Now two were on the brink.

Now all three knew, that there were two,
Where only one should be.
He grieved, because of what he knew,
And wished the future he could see.

Eventually, he would have to choose,
And one would have to go.
Yes, one would win, and one would lose,
But which one, he did not know.

One happy heart, one broken,
The thought of it made him sick.
He felt bad for the one not chosen,
But which one would he pick?

They both had beauty. They both were smart.
They both had charm and wit.
In both their hands they held his heart,
And neither wanted to release it.

“It is better to have loved and lost”,
That is how the story goes,
He would have one, but at what cost.
Heaven only knows.

He loved them both, could he choose one?
Could he live without the other?
Being in love, it should be fun,
Why does life have to be such a bother.

So three lives crossed by accident,
And the only link was he,
One of the other two, he’d choose one day,
But which one would it be?
One of the other two, he’d choose one day,
But which one would it be?

The Pause Is Also A Part OF The Music

The Pause Is Also A Part OF The Music
By Don Ray Williams
February 1, 2005

Relationships are interesting things,
And you never know what each new relationship brings.
All relationships go through several stages,
Some are long and can fill books, some are short, just mere pages.

The short ones are easy, and quickly dismissed,
The long ones are more difficult, and while they exist,
One begins to wonder “Is this really real?”
“Do I really know what it is that I feel?”

Relationships, in many ways, are very much like music,
You select it. You listen. You like it and you choose it.
But if it is one that you don’t like the chords,
It goes on your list with the other discards.

So now lets consider those very few,
The ones that you think, might be right for you.
On these listen more carefully, consider each note.
Hear the cymbals, the strings, the drums and the flute.

Is there harmony there? Is it pleasing to you?
Is it good when you’re happy? Is it good when you are blue?
Does it fill up your sprit? Does it make you want more?
If it does, then its approaching that perfect score.

And within all music, there are often some breaks,
Pauses, if you will, that musicians take.
They add drama, emphasis, and time to reflect.
It’s an important part of the music, I’ve come to respect.

If you search for music that awakens your spirit,
You’ll just have to listen, you’ll know when you hear it.
The same with relationships that set them apart,
The best ones play music down deep in your heart.
But with either one, before you should choose it,
Remember this,
“The pause is also a part of the music”