Óptica López

Óptica Lopez

By Don Ray Williams
January 26, 2005

If you need gafas or lentes, Most everyone says,
The best place to go is Optica Lopez.
I know for me, that certainly was true.
And not for the gafas, even though I purchased them too.

I met three lovely employees when I entered the place.
Just thinking about them, brings a smile to my face.
First I met Carla, then Sussan, and then Yajaira,
Three wonderful people I’ve come to admire

My eyes were tested by Sussan with care,
For the frames, Yajaira and Carla assisted me there.
The gafas were made with ultimate precision
With the resulting effect, I had much better vision.

Normally, that is where the story would end,
But for me it was where a new story would begin.
For I now had two pair of gafas,
but three of the most wonderful friends.

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  1. Where is Optica Lopez exactly-I find things in David hard to find and I need new contacts and should have a check up? Do I need an appointment? I will not hold you to a recommendation but is that where you would go for a simple eye test and to purchase contacts? I live in Boquete.
    Thanks for your help.

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