If You No Longer Run

If You No Longer Run
By Don Ray Williams
January 21, 2005

When you become older, there is a chance,
That you have participated in your last dance.
There may be no more ladies in your life,
To be your companion, lover or wife.

And yet I search with others more young,
In a hope that life’s song has one more verse to be sung.
I converse with women much younger than me,
In a search to find commonality.

And in this search, one thing, I’ll tell you,
You find out exactly, what it is that you value.
Looks, intelligence, honesty, trust,
Which ones do I consider a must?

Well trust is one that has to be,
And it combines with honesty.
Intelligence is required too,
To challenge topics old and new.

And on my list, looks ranks number four,
To understand why, I’ll tell you more.
While the other three will always be,
Looks fade with time, as my mirror tells me.

So with each lady I have to ask,
With our age difference, would our love last?
Most answer, “Sure, age doesn’t matter to me”
The answer comes quick without thought or sincerity.

But one answer caught me by surprise,
It required thought. It brought tears to my eyes.
With this one lady much time I did talk,
She said “When you can no longer run,
Then I will walk”
With this answer, I found that hope had come,
Maybe there is one more verse to be sung.

9 thoughts on “If You No Longer Run

  1. Thanks for the comment. I write when the mode hits me. It may be because I am bored, but more likely it is because something has gotten stuck in my mind and I have to get it unstuck. To me writing a poem is sort of like solving a puzzle. A concept hits me and I have to see if I can put together something that rhymes, and yet makes some sort of sense.

    I must admit, I write for my own pleasure. I know my poems are not works of art, but I have had a great deal of fun putting them in written form. You might enjoy Surprise Apricot Jam. My cousin’s wife sent me her recipe one day and for some reason, I felt the need to transmogrify the recipe into rhyme. Enjoy it for better or “verse”.

  2. “I will walk” is an English expression equivalent to “I am outta there.” Also, the lady in the poem never said she would walk alongside… she could be walking in an opposite direction.

  3. In the context of the poem, the intent is more in line with the John Fogerty’s lyrics in his song “I Will Walk With You”.

    However, if the lady’s meaning is in line with your thoughts, I would think he will be better off without her.

  4. It has been said in many different ways by many different people from many different places that it’s not the words but the actions that have value. Words are like feathers that drift at the slightest breeze yet actions are the foundation upon which great works –and great love– is built. As a man (woman) does, so is he (she). So ask not for words, listen not to words, it is what they do that tell us who they are. Only time will reveal the meaning of the lady’s words.

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