A Mexican Miss

A Mexican Miss

By Don Ray Williams
January 9, 2005

There is a Mexican miss, that I want to kiss
And hold close to me all day and night.
She has captured my heart, and along with that part,
She has made my whole future look bright.

Why she worries so, and why she thinks I would go,
Is more than I can understand.
For I am here to stay, and I’ll brighten her day,
Because I am that senorita’s man.

And though were apart, we are close in my heart,
And she’s in my mind constantly,
Tell her not to greave, I never will leave,
Tell her to just wait patiently.

The day will soon come, when we will be one,
And never again will we part,
I never will go, and I’ll tell her so,
From the bottom of this Gringo’s heart.

© Don Ray Williams January 9, 2005

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