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Óptica López

Óptica Lopez

By Don Ray Williams
January 26, 2005

If you need gafas or lentes, Most everyone says,
The best place to go is Optica Lopez.
I know for me, that certainly was true.
And not for the gafas, even though I purchased them too.

I met three lovely employees when I entered the place.
Just thinking about them, brings a smile to my face.
First I met Carla, then Sussan, and then Yajaira,
Three wonderful people I’ve come to admire

My eyes were tested by Sussan with care,
For the frames, Yajaira and Carla assisted me there.
The gafas were made with ultimate precision
With the resulting effect, I had much better vision.

Normally, that is where the story would end,
But for me it was where a new story would begin.
For I now had two pair of gafas,
but three of the most wonderful friends.

If You No Longer Run

If You No Longer Run
By Don Ray Williams
January 21, 2005

When you become older, there is a chance,
That you have participated in your last dance.
There may be no more ladies in your life,
To be your companion, lover or wife.

And yet I search with others more young,
In a hope that life’s song has one more verse to be sung.
I converse with women much younger than me,
In a search to find commonality.

And in this search, one thing, I’ll tell you,
You find out exactly, what it is that you value.
Looks, intelligence, honesty, trust,
Which ones do I consider a must?

Well trust is one that has to be,
And it combines with honesty.
Intelligence is required too,
To challenge topics old and new.

And on my list, looks ranks number four,
To understand why, I’ll tell you more.
While the other three will always be,
Looks fade with time, as my mirror tells me.

So with each lady I have to ask,
With our age difference, would our love last?
Most answer, “Sure, age doesn’t matter to me”
The answer comes quick without thought or sincerity.

But one answer caught me by surprise,
It required thought. It brought tears to my eyes.
With this one lady much time I did talk,
She said “When you can no longer run,
Then I will walk”
With this answer, I found that hope had come,
Maybe there is one more verse to be sung.

A Mexican Miss

A Mexican Miss

By Don Ray Williams
January 9, 2005

There is a Mexican miss, that I want to kiss
And hold close to me all day and night.
She has captured my heart, and along with that part,
She has made my whole future look bright.

Why she worries so, and why she thinks I would go,
Is more than I can understand.
For I am here to stay, and I’ll brighten her day,
Because I am that senorita’s man.

And though were apart, we are close in my heart,
And she’s in my mind constantly,
Tell her not to greave, I never will leave,
Tell her to just wait patiently.

The day will soon come, when we will be one,
And never again will we part,
I never will go, and I’ll tell her so,
From the bottom of this Gringo’s heart.

© Don Ray Williams January 9, 2005

Beneath the Baru

Beneath the Baru
By Don Ray WIlliams
January 2, 2005

An adventure in time, sometimes in rhyme,
Viewed from my place beneath the Baru.
You’ll know what I see. As it appears to me,
And I’ll document it for you.

So journey with me, and see what I see,
Feel free to comment or merely peruse.
From one who is old, the story will be told,
To read it or not, you can choose.