Monthly Archives: December 2004


By Don Ray Williams
December 26, 2004

Here sit, head in my hands, thinking about tomorrow
Wondering what life would be like living in Guadalajara.
I didn’t know, but I found out it is Mexico’s second largest city
And from all the pictures that I’ve seen, gosh it’s awfully pretty.

Guadalajara is a city known as Mexico’s pearl of the west,
Combining both modern and historic, to make this city the of the world’s best.
It is the birthplace of the Mariachi, and home of the Mexican hat dance,
Sounds like the kind of place I’d like to settle done in, if I ever got the chance.

Guadalajara is a city of monuments, parks and flowers, fountains and tree lined avenues.
And it has Cathedrals, Museums, Markets, Theaters and a zoo.
Doesn’t appear to me that Guadalajara lacks for anything to do.

With one of the world’s greatest climates, Guadalajara is said to be blessed,
The more I read, the more I study and the more time I invest,
I think that this might be my answer, of where to spend my last tomorrows,
A new beginning and an end, to memories of old past sorrows.

Yes here I sit, head in my hands, just thinking about tomorrow,
Maybe I should pack my bag and move to Guadalajara.
It has it all it seems to me, I’m not sure I could beat it,
I just need someone to share it with. I need a Guadalajara señorita.

A Christmas Gift

A Christmas Gift
By Don Ray Williams
December 25, 2004

There wasn’t a tree, and nary a package,
Just old memories, that most would call baggage,
December 25th, two thousand and four
A date creating a memory, like no memory before.

As I sat there, in front of the screen
There appeared such a vision, I thought it must be a dream.
I blinked once and then twice and three times and then four,
I remember it well, Christmas day, 2004.

Was it fate, was it chance, or was really a trick?
Was it my Christmas gift from that jolly ole St. Nick?
Was I dreaming, would I wake, would there be something more?
What a way to end the year, 2004.

Now going forward, I feel much more alive,
I am even looking forward to two thousand and five.
One never knows what life holds in store,
My life started changing, December 25th 2004.