BlogMadness – 2003

BlogMadness – 2003
By Don Ray Williams

On January 26 the games were begun,
116 blogs, vying to be number one.
With four categories, WORK, LOVE, SPORTS and BILLS,
This contest would certainly be providing some thrills.

In the WORK category, by some quirk of fate,
The Panama Journal seeded #1 coming out of the gate.
The Journal drew a bye, in round number one,
While it showed as a win, it wasn’t much fun.

Moving on to round two, and here we find,
The Panama Journal matched with The American Mind.
When the votes were all counted, and not a single chad hung,
The Panama Journal had its second round won.

The voting was close in round number three, wrote of a spot misery.
But one more time when the tally came in,
The Panama Journal had garnished the win.

In round number four, Better Living Through Blogging,
Gave us A Matter of Taste and nearly a flogging,
How the Journal won isn’t clear to me,
I guess more liked Santa than liked broccoli.

Now we begin round number five,
And the Panama Journal is still alive.
The blog Oh … Really, is this round’s foe.
Read both entries, then vote, now off you go.

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