Time and Space

Time and Space
Based on the Movie Time After Time
By Don Ray Williams
February 25, 2004

Life can be cruel, perhaps by fate
One’s born early, one’s born late.
What could have been a fine romance,
Because of fate, it had no chance.

Separated by space and by time,
True love escaped two hearts divine.
But even with that time and space,
I found a friend with class and grace.

If one could have a sorcerer’s power,
And roll back time, hour by hour.
And then eliminate the space,
That keeps one from his true loves face.
Then one could alter what would be,
And create new possibilities.

If someday, you think you see,
Someone looking at you, endearingly,
Give him a chance, don’t hesitate,
It could be that one can change one’s fate.

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