Santa Claus Comes to Panama

Santa Claus Comes to Panama
By Don Ray Williams
December 3, 2003

The stores are decorated
And Christmas carols are in the air
Now I know for certain,
Santa really comes down here.

Parents with their children,
Walk up and down each row.
The children mentally make a list of things they want,
As up and down they go.

Their eyes are bright and sparkle like
Children in other parts of the world,
Miguel wants a video game, José a bike,
And Maria a doll, with hair that she can curl.

The kids are sure and they must be right
Cause from everything I saw,
On Christmas Eve, that wonderful night,
Santa is coming to Panama.

But still, one thing that bothers me,
Should I ask, do I dare?
When Santa comes to Panama,
What do you think he’ll wear?

Do you think he has a change of clothes?
Hidden away in that sleigh?
That big red suit looks hot to me,
I mean, there is just no way.

Maybe he has some Santa shorts,
And sandals for his feet.
A Rudolph t-shirt and Panama hat,
To make his outfit complete.

I guess it doesn’t matter,
I mean he’s done it all before.
I’m just glad to know that
Santa comes to Panama.

6 thoughts on “Santa Claus Comes to Panama

  1. As Omar wrote two years ago, I really enjoyed your poem. I’d like to see Santa in shorts with a típico hat and wearing sandals…then, I’d like to see the expression on my boy’s faces when they see that Panamanian Santa.

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