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Through Pepe’s Eyes

Through Pepe’s Eyes
By Don Ray Williams
December 20, 2003

Wish I could get in his head and see what he sees.
And know what he thinks,
When he looking at me.

I swear that he smiles, as his brain cogs are turning
What is it he wants?
What is it he’s yearning?

I can tell that he’s happy, I can tell without fail,
I can tell just by looking at his
Wagging tail.

And seeing him happy, makes me happy too,
A smile from a dog
What more can I do?

They say if wishes were horses
Beggars would ride,
Still one wish I wish I could realize,
That’s to see the world through Pepe’s eyes.

Santa Claus Comes to Panama

Santa Claus Comes to Panama
By Don Ray Williams
December 3, 2003

The stores are decorated
And Christmas carols are in the air
Now I know for certain,
Santa really comes down here.

Parents with their children,
Walk up and down each row.
The children mentally make a list of things they want,
As up and down they go.

Their eyes are bright and sparkle like
Children in other parts of the world,
Miguel wants a video game, José a bike,
And Maria a doll, with hair that she can curl.

The kids are sure and they must be right
Cause from everything I saw,
On Christmas Eve, that wonderful night,
Santa is coming to Panama.

But still, one thing that bothers me,
Should I ask, do I dare?
When Santa comes to Panama,
What do you think he’ll wear?

Do you think he has a change of clothes?
Hidden away in that sleigh?
That big red suit looks hot to me,
I mean, there is just no way.

Maybe he has some Santa shorts,
And sandals for his feet.
A Rudolph t-shirt and Panama hat,
To make his outfit complete.

I guess it doesn’t matter,
I mean he’s done it all before.
I’m just glad to know that
Santa comes to Panama.