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Panama Rain

Panama Rain

By Don Ray Williams
November 22, 2003

I heard of a man that went insane,
Counting the drops in a Panama rain.

The morning was clear and bright was the sun,
Then the drops started falling, one by one.

He counted and counted but he had just begun,
And the drops continued one by one.

Lightning flashed and thunder roared,
And the drops came down, all the more.

Around noon, he thought that he had won,
The clouds seemed to part, and he saw the sun.

As he wiped his brow and started to sit,
Some bigger drops began to hit.

The drops were so big; they looked just like nuggets,
And all of a sudden it was coming in buckets.

From what I’ve been told, at least its been said,
He counted those drops till he was nearly dead.

He was found in a corner, hunkered in a ball,
Mumbling about how long the rain could fall.

So if you have an urge that you can’t contain,
To count the drops in a Panama Rain,

Remember this story, lest you go insane,
There’s no end to the drops in a Panama rain.


By Don Ray Williams
November 8, 2003

When I was young, I used to play
And run through out my entire day,
And now I sit and wonder how
The time has slipped away.

When I was young, it seemed to me,
That life would always be,
And now with old friends passing,
I grasp reality.

When I was young, it always seemed I did a lot in haste,
So much to do, so much to do, my life was so fast paced,
And now with age, I realize,
Time wasn’t meant to waste.

It’s said with age, comes wisdom,
Or is that wisdom comes with age,
Whichever way, I listen,
Because, time has made me sage.

So if you’re young, and think that time is merely meant for play,
And find yourself running through your entire day,
Please pause a bit, and savor it,
Before your time has slipped away.

© Don Ray Williams 11 08, 2003