By Don Ray Williams
October 27, 2003

He was more than a dog.
He was a friend.
He brought joy and happiness
Right to the end.

And while with you
He’ll no longer be.
He’ll never leave,
Your memory.

In memory of Stitch, a black 2-½ year old Labrador retriever belonging to Cesar and Nicole Motta, that recently passed away. Dogs are with us such a short time and in Stitch’s case, the time much shorter than normal. At least he had a loving home for the time he was given.

2 thoughts on “Stitch

  1. Dear Don,

    I am looking for a friend of mine that I met in secondary school, back in 1986, in Costa Rica.

    His name ie Cesar Motta and he is panamanian. I wonder if this Cesar that you mention in your poem is him or perhaps a relative of my friend. He should be around 35 years old by now.

    If you know him, please give him my email address.

    Sorry if we are not talking about the same person.



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