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Chiriqui Chatter

Chiriqui Chatter
By Don Ray Williams
August 21, 2003

I have things to say,
But they probably don’t matter;
So just think of it as
Chiriqui chatter.

It’s the simple musings
Of one easily impressed,
By the common things in life,
The ones I like best.

Here in my journal,
I’ll record each event,
To remember my time
And how it was spent

Then maybe some day,
When my ashes are scattered,
You’ll remember me,
from my Chiriqui Chatter.

© Don Ray Williams 08 21, 2003

Thanks, Jimmy Buffett

Thanks, Jimmy Buffett
By Don Ray Williams
August 17, 2003

As I sit here and look out my window,
And gaze at the sky, clear, vibrant and blue
In the background, Jimmy Buffett sings words I’ve heard many times,
About feelings, that I never knew.

Have you ever taken the time to look up at the sky?
And let your mind enjoy the wonder, above?
Or like me, have you let time just drift by?
And never told those how you feel, that you love.

Have you ever watched a mountain stream?
Or heard the sound it makes as it moves?
Have you ever enjoyed the smell of the air, following a rain?
Have you captured those memories,
To take with you?

Now as these sands of times pass by,
Let’s count each and every grain,
Let’s really live, before we die,
Just like I hear Jimmy Buffett sing.

If we were just wise enough to realize,
That all we ever really need,
Was always right there in front of our eyes?
How much happier we would be.

So thanks, Jimmy Buffett, for assisting me somehow,
Singing of life in your tropical scenes,
You’ve helped me enjoy life in the here and now,
Rather than in my dreams.

© Don Ray Williams 08 17, 2003

Valley of Dreams

Valley of Dreams
Don Ray Williams

My ideal it seems,
Used to only live in my dreams,
And was always gone in the morning.
Yes, she’d come late at night,
But at first sign of daylight,
She would just leave without warning.

While I wanted her so,
I just didn’t know,
How this dream could be more
Than just folly.

But I searched far and wide,
In search of my bride,
From the mountains,
Down to the valley.

By Jove, there she was,
The dream that I loved,
And had been there all my life it seems.

So I found her, by golly,
Down in the valley
Yes, down in the valley of dreams.

© Don Ray Williams 08 05, 2003