By Don Ray Williams

Here I am in my sixtieth year,
Sitting and reflecting on the things I hold dear.
Of how I’ve lived, of how I’ve loved, of my hopes and of my fears,
Both of happiness and sadness, I have shed my share of tears.

But as I look, I see fewer tomorrows than there are yesterdays,
And I can only hope that as I realize the things that I say,
I learn to enjoy each and every one of them as a limited resource,
To live them to the fullest and not look back in remorse.

So I now commit to live each new day as though it were my last,
To do all to live in the present and not the future or the past.
To love those who love me, for it is them, which I hold dear
And hopefully it will be said when I’m no longer here.
He was honest, he was true, he was kind and he was fair,
And the world’s a little better, because he was here.

© Don Ray Williams 02 21, 2003

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