Where Did It Go?

Where Did It Go?
By Don Ray Williams

My youth is spent and I don’t know,
Which way it went, or where it did go.
When did it leave, it baffles me,
I wasn’t paying attention you see.

But sure enough, while I did doze,
My youth did leave, yes it did go.
Where once I’d run, I now just walk,
And of things I did, I now just talk.

Don’t grieve for me; please don’t feel sad,
My life has been good, and I’m very glad,
For the people I’ve known, and the times that I’ve had.

If I had the power to change the way.
I lived each and every day,
I’d change none, no not a minute,
I’d keep it just the way I’ve spent it.

© Don Ray Williams 12 26, 2002

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