My Day at the Dentist

My Day at the Dentist
By Don Ray Williams

I went in to the dentist and what did they say
We’re going to have fun, this will be just like play
Now Carin and Diedra were ready for fun,
but not me, they could see I was ready to run.

So to put me at ease they planned and they plotted
We will use headsets and some gas just to get started
On with the headset, oops Hard rock’s not for me
Diedra, C&W is what it must be.

And now since we had some music with class
They slowly began to give me the gas
They were ready, I could tell, as the gas started to run
Carin and Diedra were ready for fun

Now open your mouth, this won’t hurt a bit
Just maybe a slight little pin prick
Her hand moved oh so cautious and ever so steady
When your lips all turn numb, I’ll know you are ready.

So they went right to work, and I opened wide
Two hands, four probes, and pliers went inside
And now I must tell you of the skill of this surgeon
Out came two teeth without even hurt’n.

So I had survived one more trip to the dentist, and yet
This trip had been the best trip yet
The task had been done with style and grace
And Diedra had left me with a smile on my face.

© Don Ray Williams 07 04, 2001

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