Monthly Archives: May 2001

Me and the Poodle

Me and the Poodle
By Don Ray Williams

As I’m sitting here, thoughts run through my noodle
Of how much in common, I have with this poodle.
He’s lonesome, me too and what’s even worse,
We’re missing the center of our universe.

For him it’s the petting, that he has been missing,
For me I’m confessing, I know it’s the kissing.
He misses you taking him out for a walk,
I am missing just listening to you, as you talk.

He misses the care that you give him each day,
I have to admit; I feel the same way.
He’s missing the way that you fix a meal,
I’m telling you, I know just how he feels.

So we just have to be patient, and wait for a while,
Until through, that door, you come with a smile.
Controlling ourselves will be hard to do.
He’ll go grab a toy, I’m gonna grab you.

I’m still sitting here and thinking some more,
And he’s lying there, just watching the door.
And as more of these thoughts run through my noodle,
I marvel at how much in common, I have with this poodle.

© Don Ray Williams 05 20, 2001