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Outa Work

Outa Work
By Don Ray Williams
November 1999

I’m outa work. It’s called retired.
Wasn’t ready to quit, wouldn’t risk getting fired.
Us old codgers weren’t wanted. We had to go.
So they offered us up an ERO.

I can’t complain, they treated me right,
I took the ERO without a fight.
But now I on the hunting binge,
To find another job again.

I dusted off my resume, and tried my best
To make it say
“Hey look at me I’m very good.”
You should hire me, you really should.

I’ve hung tapes and loaded printers,
I’ve spent some time in data centers.
I’ve written code, I’ve managed teams,
I’ve written proposals, by the reams.
I’ve run accounts, managed P&L,
Earned too much frequent flyer as well.
I’ve made presentations by the score,
I’ve done all that and even more,
So here’s your opportunity,
To hire the best, yes hire me.

Now writing poems, my time fills,
But writing poems, don’t pay the bills,
So another job, is my desire,
I’d rather work, than to retire.

© Don Ray Williams 11 01, 1999