Monthly Archives: April 1994


By Don Ray Williams

Hurry now, we must not tarry,
While we’re still young, we’ll see the fairies.
I’m sure they’re here, just round the bend,
We must see them now, before our youth doth end.

Small little creatures, with silky wings,
And happy hearts and soles that sing.
They watch the youth, or those young at heart,
And leave when age causes youth to part.

For all of you who can conceive,
There’ll be a fairy, I believe,
To bring you luck, that’s what they do,
No one will see him there but you.

Don’t lose the faith, stay young at heart,
If you believe and you’ll do your part
To keep the fairies alive for the rest,
And by believing, you too will be blessed.

© Don Ray Williams 04 13, 1994