Monthly Archives: March 1993

Mind Games

Mind Games
By Don Ray Williams

He misses her smile,
and he misses her touch,
and he misses her lips,
that he loves oh so much.

For without her his day is so empty,
and even more is the night.
How he longs her return
and his heart, it does yearn,
to have her once more in his sight.

He remembers her smell,
for he knows it so well,
and he can picture her wince at one of his puns.
He can feel her caress,
in his mind’s loneliness,
and he knows that she is the one.

Donde esta mi amor,
he hears her call through the door,
but it is only his mind playing games.
She must come home soon,
or he’ll go crazy as a loon,
yes absolutely insane.

So he takes a deep breath
and looks down at his watch,
the time seems barely to crawl,
he rubs his forehead
and he gets ready for bed
he’ll have to settle for tomorrow’s phone call.

© Don Ray Williams 03 21, 1993

Pure Magic

Pure Magic
By Don Ray Williams

She brought light
Where there was darkness.
She brought warmth
TO my cold heart.

She brought feelings
Where there was numbness
She let a whole
New future start.

Now happiness
Has replaced sadness
With each day
I enjoy

And soon there’ll
Be completeness
For soon, she’ll be
My wife.

© Don Ray Williams 03 10, 1993