Monthly Archives: February 1993

I’m Back or The Return of the White Rabbit

I’m Back or The Return of the White Rabbit
By Don Ray Williams

With a twitch of his nose,
And a twitch of his toes,
He moved up close to her side.

I’m back he did say,
In his own furry way,
I know you thought I had died.

I’m afraid I got lost
And My life it almost cost,
But I’ve come home to stay like I should.

He wiggled his ears,
And smiled spreading cheer,
I promise, I’ll be really good.

So she held him real close,
And tickled his nose,
And said , “Yes, I’m glad that your back”.

I did miss you so,
You’ve been gone ever so,
Long, that I nearly lost track.

Now you stay by my side,
And nevermore hide,
And this wisdom , I’ll share with you.

Actions and deeds
Will keep you out of the weeds,
And our relationship will remain ever true.

So he nuzzled up close,
To the one he loved most,
And rubbed her hand with his head.

I’m so glad that I’m back,
I’d almost lost track,
If I’d lose you I’d surly be dead.

© Don Ray Williams 02 28, 1993

Thank You

Thank You
Don Ray Williams

Thank you my dear
for being here
Please don’t you ever leave.

I love you so
And you should know
My fears you all relieve.

The time draws near
When you will hear
Me ask one thing of you.

To be my wife
For all my life
Sweetheart, I do love you.

© Don Ray Williams 02 21, 1993


By Don Ray Williams

The time will come, I know not when,
When we will meet and hold again.
Oh how I long and dearly miss,
Your gentle touch and tender kiss.

But my mind retains each memory,
And they will not escape from me,
Of how I felt when you were near,
Or that losing you is my greatest fear.

For seeing you makes my heart race,
And caressing you speeds up the pace.
And though it’s just a memory,
My heart still pounds incessantly.

I hope that you, as I do feel.
Our bonds are strong and very real.
And though you are far away from me,
I hope I’m in your memories.

© Don Ray Williams 02 15, 1993

Going Forward

Going Forward
By Don Ray Williams

Walk with me into the future
Hold my hand along the way
Breath deep the clear crisp air
Love life along the way.

Forget what is behind us
The sadness will soon be gone
Just the two of us together
We’ll join and be as one.

© Don Ray Williams 02 13, 1993