Monthly Archives: January 1993


By Don Ray Williams

As he sat down beside her
He knew how he felt,
And he wondered if she felt that way too.
Though he knew what he wanted to say in his heart,
He wasn’t sure just what he should do.

He pictured himself
Slide down from the couch
To a position in front of her
on one knee.
With his hand slightly trembling
He’d look deep in her eyes and say
“Sweetheart would you marry me?”

But as he tried to speak the words wouldn’t come
He was afraid of how she would reply.
Could it be she’d say ” No” and get up and go
If she did, he would certainly die.

So he stayed on the couch, and no words left his mouth
He just caressed her hand tenderly.
He only hoped that someday, he’d be able to say
What he felt and his wife she would be.

Now she sitting there, was very aware
Of his feelings for her oh so deep.
You see, she also cared
For him
And she shared concern for the secrets they did keep.

Still she had to admit, while with him she did sit
That sometimes she felt so afraid.
Did he care like he said
Or only want her in bed,
Was it merely a game that he played.

You see, he was just one of many
To ask for her heart
And everyone of them promised love
But somehow she knew
That with him it was true
And he’d been sent from heaven above.

More over, in some ways
She wished he would say
The things she knew that he felt
But if he did, would she do
What he wanted her to
How would she play the cards that life dealt.

So in silence they sit and they cuddle a bit
But not a single word do they say
And all through the night
They hold each other tight
Waiting just for the coming of day.

© Don Ray Williams 01 21, 1993

Gardener of the Soul

Gardener of the Soul
By Don Ray Williams

She said “life is but a journey”
And each journey is unique
As we travel on this journey
Wondrous treasures we will meet.

What we make of our journey
Is only up to us
We can grow and gain and learn
Or die and turn to dust.

Like finding a quartz crystal
How beautiful it splits the light
But if it’s mishandled
It can cut us with its bite.

She said travel down this journey
And enjoy it all the way
We come this way but once my friend
So make this one time pay.

Learn from the goodness and the pain
These words to me, she told
She helps me learn, She helps me grow
She is a gardener of the soul.

© Don Ray Williams 01 13, 1993