By Don Ray Williams

I guess I always knew that there would come a day,
When a very special friend I had would up and move away.
What I had not planned on, was just how bad I’d feel,
But there is a pain down in my heart
that I cannot conceal.

I wish I had more time to earn a place in your memory,
For the place you have in mine will last eternally.
Though our time together was short, just in its infancy,
The quality of time was great, I felt strong chemistry.

So as you go, know that ALL my heart goes with you.
Know this also, that my friendship has been honest and true.
Please believe that I would very very much,
Like to have you write to me, please will you stay in touch.

This last few thoughts I had to say, before we said goodbye.
Please don’t forget me, just say you won’t.
What’s one tender lie!

© Don Ray Williams 11 21, 1992

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