Monthly Archives: July 1988


By Don Ray Williams

Around the smoky bar, that’s known as Callahan’s
There are lots of special people, who’ll get to be your friends.
Sit down and have a drink, and spin a yarn or two.
Forget your troubles for a while, just like Buzz wants you to.

Those words hang above the bar, for everyone to see
They have certainly been true for a stranger here like me.
Over there is Ado Annie, an Oklahoma miss
Why when I left the other day, from her I got a great big kiss.

This bar doesn’t need a bouncer for trouble to rebuke
It has it’s own star warriors; ones named Han the other Luke.
Over there is ole John Holmes, with wool upon his jeans.
He’s just as spry and frisky as he was upon the screen.

That one there is Leather Lady, you can tell her by her whip
Always making fellas happy by the way she makes it flip.
And that’s my good friend Jamie, looking sweet and demure
You can always tell its Jamie by her clever signature.

The quiet one over there, the one that isn’t talkin
She’s another friend of mine, say hi to Barbara Hawkins
Yes, it’s a mighty friendly group,
No doubt the friendliest in the lands
So come on in and join us, have a drink at Callahan’s.

© Don Ray Williams 07 13, 1988