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Just Country

Just Country
By Don Ray Williams

Shucks mam, I do believe I love ya.
Golly mam, I really do.
How’d a country boy like me,
Ever meet a doll like you?

I just came into the city,
Not expectin to find somthin as pretty,
As a feisty little filly like you.
But you lasso’d my heart right from
The start. Now tell me what I can do.

I now stammer and stutter,
And break out in sweat; I can’t even say what I mean.
Yur as purty as a speckled pup.
Your just this country boy’s dream.

I’d be mighty happy mam, if you could find it in your heart,
To plant a kiss upon my head, and make this ole heart start,
To beat with new energy. Gosh you make me laugh.
Yur as purty as a speckled pup, as cute as a new born calf.

Golly mam, I know I love ya.
Ya, sure nuf I really do.
This country boy was surly lucky,
To find a gal like you.

Think I’ll take you back home with me,
Back down to the farm,
I’ll plant loven lip locks on ya.
And keep ya safe from all life’s harm.

Yur as purty as a speckled pup.
Ya smell as good as new mown hay.
Yur the essecence of what makes me
Wanna get up every single day.

© Don Ray Williams 06 13, 1988


By Don Ray Williams

Someday I will say, I was there, it was me,
I was part of the team on the HIIPS LTD.

But last January, I really confess,
I wondered how did I ever get into this mess.

We have to do WHAT? And be done by WHEN?
Just where will we start, where will we begin?

We had a small staff, from the proposal core.
But it wasn’t enough; we would have to find more.

So we built up our staff and created our plan,
And we worked like the devil, every woman and man.

The proof of our efforts has now been displayed.
All the goals that we set were exceeded or made.

Someday we will meet and you can recall with me,
How we were part of that team on the HIIPS LTD

© Don Ray Williams 06 13, 1988