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The Sun Will Rise Again

The Sun Will Rise Again
By Don Ray Williams

Sometimes it seems that life only deals out loosing hands.
For when you’re down and feeling blue
It’s almost more than one can stand.
Being down and feeling low,
It certainly is no sin.
So keep your spirits up and know
The sun will rise again.

Life is like a thunderstorm, when dark clouds roll in.
The lightning cracks and thunder roars,
It scares us all, but then
The sun comes out, the clouds all part,
And rainbows fill the sky.
The beauty and the wonder,
Could almost make one cry.

We only go this way, one time in our life.
We may find bounties great, or it could be we find strife.
However, I believe that what we find is what we think we see.
So I see good and happiness and know that’s what there’ll be.
If one finds thorns then I propose,
Beyond the thorns, you’ll find a rose.

And so my friend, please listen,
To someone old, but wise.
Don’t let your spirits lower,
Keep them lifted to the sky.
If it seems your life gets stormy.
And dark clouds are rolling in,
You just have to be patient,
The sun will rise again.

© Don Ray Williams 08 21, 1987