Chrome Cast in Panama

I was just at the MultiMax in Plaza Terronal. I noticed that they are carrying Chrome Cast for $49. That is about a 40% increase of the price in the US.

However if you were going to order it from the US, you would probably pay the savings in postage to get it hear, so I guess that $49 is a reasonable price.

I would have bought one to play with for $35, but not $49. I have to think it would be a good alternative to the Amazon Fire Stick I use to run KODI and KODI is available in the Google Play Store, so installing KODI should be very easy.

Those wanting to try KODI in Chiriquí now have another source.

Only fools rush in. In fact, geniuses don’t even show up.

When I was a teenager, there was only one phone app. It was called the “dial tone.”

Susan (Lilliam’s daughter) is taking her first trip to D.C. She said she was really looking forward to seeing where all the nothing happens.

My first workout back at the gym was great… I did 15 mins of cardio, 10 mins on the defibrillator, and then 3 days in the hospital.

Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results isn’t the definition of insanity it’s the definition of parenting

“Never skydiving”
is at the absolute top
of my bucket list.

This Deserves A Special Post

A comment thread from John on a recent post, leads me respond at more length than a comment can handle. In his most recent comment, he chose to call himself “John retired U. S. government”.  It is interesting that he choses too change his name from John to one saying he worked for the U.S. Government and yet enjoys criticizing one of its most important resources the U.S. Government has in Panama.

Not often, but sometimes, there are comments that come to Chiriquí Chatter from disgruntled U.S. citizens that are unhappy with where their country is going. They may be disgruntled because problems they have found living in Panama.

Sometimes it is because of not having the U.S. Embassy do things the way that they think it should be done.

I have met with two such U.S. citizens (both men over 60) who had come to Panama and married a young honey 1/3 to 1/2 their age and wanted to take them to the U.S.. It may have been to live or just for a vacation. When their new spouse was denied a visa, they wrote me and were very irate.

What they didn’t realize was that their new spouse may have left out a few details of her life, prior to him, and the Embassy discovered it. The Embassy would not discuss the case with them, which also made them mad. While I understand their frustration, I also understand the visas being denied.

John is here to complain and this time because of the Embassy requirement for a bank check for payment instead of accepting cash. He states that the Embassy should have known about the bank’s requirements or limitations for issuing a check. Continue reading This Deserves A Special Post