What was I like in high school? You know that guy who drove a Corvette and banged all the cheerleaders? I’m the reason he passed algebra.

I Miss John Denver

Today I wanted to listen some music that fills the soul with happiness. When that need hits, it seems like I always head over to the Internet for a little John Denver. I searched YouTube for John Denver and found John Denver performing of The Wildlife concert.

I always thought he had the most soothing voice and I am a sucker for ballads and no one is better than John Denver.

One thing I have never understood is how performers, like him, are able to remember all the words to their songs. This YouTube put all the words for the song on the screen. If inclined, you can sing along.

You just can’t help but feel better when you listen to him. I went to see him live in concert and will always remember it.

Gone all to soon, but still providing enjoyment years after his death.

I heard the next Steve Jobs movie will be on IMAX. It’s the same movie, just on a bigger screen.

My mind always wants to dance but my body is a really awkward white guy.

I’m good at multitasking and procrastinating, which means right now there are at least 28 things that I’m putting off until later.

Clearing The Air

I have received a couple emails related to one of the last statements I made on Chiriquí Life, before I requested my membership and profile be removed. The statement was misunderstood and has been taken out of context and maybe should be clarified.

I will use today’s email as a means of doing that because it covers many subjects, which I can only assume are repeated elsewhere and I prefer to have all discussions in the open. Many of these locations are places where I can’t respond, such as Ning and CL.

I do not know the writer of the email. I will respond within his email. While he states that this doesn’t need to be on my blog, I don’t like rumors or innuendos being stated without discussion.

So with apologies to the author, I will use his email to begin the discussion and appreciate his taking the time to email me.

Chiriquí Chatter is a blog and not a forum, but often posts do generate a lot of discussion. Usually the discussions on CC remain civil. In the “About” section of the blog, I state that all opinions written by me, are my opinion and do not reflect the opinion of the U.S. Embassy.

I always appreciate these discussions because they allow all viewpoints to be heard. I will also remind you readers that the written word is not always understood as the writer intended it. This is true in things I write as posts and things that are written as comments. As my dad always used to say,

“I know you think you understand what you thought i said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”

The email follows. Continue reading Clearing The Air

MC Update – November 25 – In the words of William Wallace “F r e e d o m”

Just a brief update. Marion was discharged today. She will continue her recovery process, but no longer within Hospital Mae Lewis. As an appropriate sign from above, as we were leaving the hospital, what did we see but a rainbow.

Click to enlarge
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It couldn’t have been more perfect.

At the appropriate time, Deborah is planning on having a celebration, at a location to be chosen, so that Marion can see all of her well wishers.