The Dutch Girls Died as Result of an Accident in Panama

Kris Kremers, 21, and Lisanne Froon, 22, the two Dutch girls that went missing last April, and were later found dead, apparently died as a result of falling off a cliff. That is the conclusion of a team of forensic specialists.

I personally am happy that this was the conclusion as opposed to any of the sinister possibilities that might have been. Youth and carelessness seem to go hand in hand. There are many places in Panama that inexperienced people should not venture into alone.

I hope their families can now find closure.


You can’t control everything.
Your hair was put on your head as a reminder of that.

U.S. Embassy Outreach Tomorrow in Boquete

Remember that tomorrow the U.S. Embassy will be in Boquete to assist with many U.S. Citizen needs. Go to the Original Post, to see what they are doing and what documentation you need to bring.

Normally the largest problems in these meetings are that copies of documents, passports, etc, were forgotten and had to be obtained the day of the outreach.

A second note. Normally there is a sign in system in place, because it is first come, first served. Make sure to understand the system to avoid waiting and not getting called.

Also, if there is a fee for the service rendered, bring the exact change.

When life throws me a curveball, I try to duck so it hits someone else.

For Rent in Neighborhood of Aqualina

I received a request to post the following.

For Rent:

Charming, roomy two-bedroom house for rent in the highly desirable neighborhood of Aqualina,
just minutes from the Interamerican Highway and downtown David. Open, airy living room/dining room,
kitchen, two bedrooms and bathroom. Some furnishings and appliances included, very clean well-kept home.
Partial view of Volcan Baru. Monthly, or contract term lease rental for $575/mo. negotiable.

For more information, call Luis Pimentel, 6693-4340 or for English call #63081734

I Must Be A Masochist

Boy oh boy, did I get beat up for the previous post on charities. I must be a little masochistic or I would not post anything that might provoke thought or discussion. The post obviously struck a nerve with several people and I seem to have ruffled more than a few feathers. I received hate mail, was called names, and some mail bordered on threats. WOW. What a reaction.

Still, I think anything that encourages discussion is probably a good thing. I am thick skinned and can take it if I dish it out.

It is my opinion that people moving to Panama from a foreign country, and are planning on living in Panama, need to assimilate into the community. To me, that means making an effort to learn the language, understand the culture, and trying to give back to the community.

I also realize that the older we get, each of these things become more difficult. Not all of us can do as much as others. Continue reading I Must Be A Masochist

Here’s the thing, you will never ever feel like a grown up. You will one day though, feel old.

I like to think I’ve taught Citibank a valuable lesson about handing out credit cards all willy-nilly.

My Cable Onda Upgrade

A while back I had noticed that there was a new plan M offered by Cable Onda. I went to the CO office and requested it. I would have to give up a few channels that I didn’t watch, but I would increase my Internet speed from 5 to 6 Mbps. It also lowered my Cable Onda bill by close to $10 a month.

It was sort of a no brainer.

Today the CO technicians came out to swap out my modem.

It is now up and running. Yea!