MStore Grand Opening – Plaza Terronal

I received the following Grand Opening invitation from MStore Marketing. Mark your calendars for June 4 at 5:00 PM.


As you see from above, the host is Karen Jordán. What you may not know is that Karen Jordán is a David native and celebrity. She is a model, a Panamanian sports anchor from Chiriqui, a former contestant of Miss Panama and Chica Atlas representative.

Obviously, I plan on being there with camera in hand. Be there and maybe you will get your photo taken with Karen. I hope to.!

Dr. Bullen’s Office is Open

Like the butcher that backed into his blade, I have been getting a little behind in my work.

As I said I would in my previous post, I went by Dr. Bullen’s office on May 16 and took photos. Unfortunately I took them with my real camera and not my iPhone and forgot about the project and didn’t post them.

His office is easy to locate in Hospital Chiriquí. Take the hallway directly across from the Pharmacy and the first office on the right is his Office. The sign on the office follows:

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I talked to Dr. Bullen and asked if he could do everything as if he were in Panama City. He said he will be able to after he gets the pathology lab trained. He said some of the lab work is done differently than they are trained to do it, but that will change.

He said his charges are the same in Panama City as in David. $75 for the consultation. That is $60 for jubilados.

Dr. Bullen has two areas to serve patients. I am including two photos.

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I picked up a card in his office that takes about services he provides.

bullen x


I wish he had been in David when Lilliam first had her problem diagnosed. However, He was a god send when she was advised to see him in Panama City. See Previous post for office hours.

Good news for claustrophobics: the universe continues to expand.

Chiriquí Activity Club – Actividad de Club de Chiriquí

I received the following for posting. It is refreshing to see an organization targeted toward both Panamanians as well as foreigners. The site is written in English and Spanish and is obviously aimed as being a cultural exchange.

I have been an avid reader of Chiriqui Chatter for a long time and have found your posts to be informative and enjoyable. I wanted to share some new information with your readers. There is an activity club forming and they are organizing a language exchange and some interesting outings. All inquiries should be directed to:



LOOTING in Cerro Punta

The following was posted on the Volcan Yahoo Group.

We have had another issue in Las Nubes, a break in and theft. The police responded (from Volcan!, not Cerro Punta) at 11 pm to a call from our (unidentified) neighbors. When the cops got there, two men fled into the jungle and were not caught. Shots were fired (by the police). They arrested two females sitting in a car. (The females, from the Volcan/Paso Ancho area) said they had nothing to do with the men and because there was no evidence in the car, they were released from jail. Anyway, it took a couple of nights to steal what they did. And a truck. They took the front French doors, the exterior bedroom door, the bathtub, the shower doors, the two sinks from the master bedroom the white ones that sit on the counter. The police recovered several bags of stuff they were trying to steal that night. They were recovered and Yessica has them. They will probably not be back as they now know that the house is being watched. But please keep your eyes and ears open about our stuff being for sale .
Bob and Chris are out of the county.Their house was partly destroyed in the August 2014, Las Nubes flood. Everything except the fixtures had been removed.

The open doorways have now been boarded up.

I need to find my aim in life before I run out of ammunition.

WARNING: Home invasion Yesterday in Brisas

The following thread is currently running on Boquete Ning.

Just a few minutes after 5, this afternoon, AAC received  a call from a neighbor asking for help in Brisas.

He was getting home with her wife when 3 men got inside their property through the gate before it shut, and aimed a gun at his face. They tied them down,  beat him on the face to the point that his nose was broken. And after that locked his wife in a room. They took 500 dollars, tv, lap tops and their 2013 Hyundai Tucson Silver colored.

The wife is Panamanian and they told him to do not call the police or they will come back and kill them. The robbers took all their cell phones and cut their land line phone. It was after almost 2 hours that the victims were able to release them selves and ask for help.

The police went to the place . AAC is in touch with the police in David who have  the license car number to try to locate it as soon as possible. 

I will pst more when we have the information. Please be aware of your surroundings 

This sort of thing is becoming more common. You may want to follow the thread on Boquete Ning.

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More Hospital Regional Experience

I thought I would pass on some more recent experience in Hospital Regional. I am assisting a family of an individual that was in Hospital Regional and died.

The funeral home quotation has been provided and and I am enclosing the bill so you can see current costs for cremation. The first charge is transportation charges to take the body to Panama City and return the ashes. You will also see there is a discount for being a jubilado. Continue reading More Hospital Regional Experience

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