Casa en venta por el propietario en David, Chiriquí / House For Sale by Owner in David

Álbum de fotos al final – Photo album at the end. English version follows the Spanish version.

Casa en venta por el propietario en David, Chiriquí $330,000 $290,000

Moderna residencia ubicada en Villa Venice área del Terronal, cerca del centro comercial con restaurantes, supermercados, bancos, etc. Posee cuatro habitaciones, cuatro y medio baños. Garaje cerrado de puerta automática con capacidad para dos carros y espacio para almacenamiento.

Esta vivienda posee un amplio concepto de diseño abierto que fluye desde la sala de estar, pasando por el comedor, desayunador y cocina.
Tres abanicos de techo y un aire acondicionado de gran capacidad se encuentran en la sala y comedor. Cada una de las cuatro habitaciones tiene un baño completo, abanico de techo y aire acondicionado Split. El dormitorio principal cuenta con un amplio walk-in closet.

La sala de estar está equipada con un televisor de pantalla plana y sistema de sonido envolvente. Todas las habitaciones tienen conexión para televisión por cable e Internet. También hay conexiones de Ethernet en la sala de estar y el dormitorio principal. El internet de alta velocidad es proporcionado por Cable Onda.

Techos de dieciocho (18) pies sumado a las amplias ventanas junto con las puertas corredizas de vidrio que dan a la terraza. La cual ofrece un amplio espacio que permite colocar un segundo comedor o mesa de billar. La terraza posee un medio baño y área de lavandería.

Desde la cubierta de la piscina se puede apreciar la vista al jardín posterior que cuenta con una variedad de plantas y árboles frutales junto con un pequeño estanque. La piscina está rodeada de una cubierta de madera con zona de estar bajo techo, convirtiéndola en un lugar ideal para reuniones familiares y con amigos.

El espacio de la vivienda es de 2,626 pies cuadrados (244 metros cuadrados) y el tamaño del lote es de 8611 pies cuadrados (800 metros cuadrados).

Garantizando la seguridad, el vecindario cuenta con seguridad privada y una patrulla policial nocturna. La vivienda está equipada con un sistema de alarma y ocho cámaras de seguridad que abarca todo el perímetro de la casa y puede ser monitoreado a través de Internet. Además, la casa se encuentra reforzada por portones y verjas de hierro. Los gastos de la cuenta de electricidad están alrededor de $50 a $60 dólares por mes, lo cual favorece el ahorro de energía.

Para obtener más información, correo electrónico
o llame +507 6638-3372 (Inglés) o 507 6509-2671 (Español).

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A vice is a mistake that you’ve decided you enjoy making.

Chiriquí Chatter Referrals

I have made a few referrals in the past and thought it might be good to post the current preferred providers that I have used for years and with whom I have a great deal of trust.

It is always hard to find individuals that are worthy of referral. However, I feel comfortable with the ones I am going to list.

Lawyer – Juan Antonio Candanedo

The other day Lilliam and I were going to our personal lawyer and while I was waiting a good friend appeared who was using our lawyer to get his pensionado card. I really didn’t know our lawyer provided that service, but so many come to Chiriqui and want to apply for a card, it is good to know there is an outstanding lawyer at a reasonable price.

He speaks good english is very honest. His office number is 775-2971. He is my lawyer of choice on all matters. If you contact him, tell him you learned about him from Chiriquí Chatter.

Insurance – Brigette Saldaña Continue reading Chiriquí Chatter Referrals

I almost bought a pistachio-colored Mitsubishi, but I couldn’t open it.

The Big Three

When it comes to technology, the big three are Apple, Google, and Microsoft. While IBM is still huge, if you ask most people, it will not be the first technology company they think of.

Google just had a large conference in California called Google IO 2017. A while back Microsoft had their show and next month Apple will have their developer’s conference.

I watched both Microsoft’s and Google’s events and will watch Apple’s next month (June 5th).

I thought I would share my thoughts about what I see happening.

First, lets consider the genetics of the three companies. Continue reading The Big Three

Being an adult means I’m in charge of my own bedtime, and I’ve realized I’m not equipped to handle that responsibility.

My parents always told me I could be whatever I wanted as long as it only took tenacity and not cash.

Happy Anniversary Lilliam

Little did I know when I wrote this poem that such a wonderful woman would agree to spend the rest of her future with me.

It just goes to show, that good things can happen if you wait long enough. Three years and counting and the best years are yet to come.

By Don Ray Williams
February 4, 2012 (Updated February 14, 2015)

I’m younger, they say,
Than I was yesterday,
And I know the reason is you.

You make me feel good,
And I think that I should
Say thanks for the things that you do.

The warmth of your touch
Means ever so much.
I enjoy the smile on your face.

Yes, I’m lucky I know,
And I must tell you so,
For your goodness cannot be replaced.

Please ignore all my faults,
And remove any doubts
About how much I really care.

My loves always growing,
Though it’s not always showing,
So I’m telling you, so you’ll be aware.

Our time spent together
Seems to only get better,
And I hope that it never will end.

Hold my hand as I say,
In my very own way,
I love you; I need you,
my sweetheart, my lover, my wife, and my very best friend.

It takes me about 18 hours to fully wake up. And then it’s time for bed again.

A Downside To The Rainy Season

I mentioned the other day that my favorite time of the year is the rainy season. I also mentioned a couple downsides.

However, the other day I was visiting Brigette Saldaña at Auto Servicios de Chiriquí Insurance, who takes care of all of my insurance needs. Great lady who speaks very good English. If you need her contact info, drop me a note.

Her husband is Carlos Saldaña, who runs Auto Servicios de Chiriquí.

While I was in his facility it dawned on me that I had not mentioned one of the critical downsides to the rainy season. His shop was full of cars that were undergoing bodyshop repairs and and near the entrance I noticed this wheel rim, which is the clue to this warning.

The rainy season brings a much fresher time to Panama, but it also causes a large increase in potholes. Some of these potholes can almost swallow a car and if it has been raining, the pothole may not be easily seen.

If you are moving at a good clip and hit one of these potholes, you are likely to do significant damage, at minimum, you may blow out a tire and ruin a rim.

The current government is not doing a very good job on maintaining the roads and many are downright dangerous. Many of the morning TV news broadcasts show examples of the problems throughout Panama.

This is another good reason I rarely drive at night.

Sometimes I wish my conscience was unconscious.