El Pecado Del Sabor

Recently I received a comment in French, describing a new restaurant in David called El Pecado Del Sabor (The taste of sin). Last week, I decided to try to find it and was successful.

I had hoped it might be another possible Sunday lunch option. Unfortunately it is only open Monday through Saturday from 5:00 PM until 10:00 PM. Maybe when Lilliam returns, we will try it out.

I cropped one of the photos that may give a hint of the origin of the name of the restaurant and the type of food. I thought this took a lot of thought. you will see the background shows Adam and Eve in the garden of Edan and Eve is reaching for the apple.


You will also notice peppers and olives lend a devilish tone to the photo. If the food is as good as the thought that went into the photo, we will be in for a treat.

Since it will be a while before I get to check it out, you may beat me there. Feel free to leave a comment and tell us how it is.

It is at the intersection of 4th oeste and Calle K norte (not far from the David Ballpark). I got there by turning right on the forth corner after crossing the new InterAmerican Hwy bridge.

You can see there is a large outdoor eating area and I assume inside area as well, but until I go, I can’t be sure.

If you stop in, tell them you heard of them from Chiriquí Chatter.

The yogurt aisle is so confusing now. It’s all Greek to me.

It’s The Little Things

Today I am going to charcoal hamburgers. I needed hamburger buns, dill pickle slices and baked beans. Should be no big deal because I am 5 minutes from El Rey, which I think is the best super market in David.

Now there are just two of us who will eat these burgers, but I am going to cook four burgers. In the hamburger bun area there are about four different selections. Three are 8 bun packages and are very small buns. Larger than slider size, but not by much..

The other choice is jumbo buns and perfect for the sized burgers I am going to cook. However, these only come in a package of 12. That would mean I have to store 8 buns and they will be dried out be for I want to cook burgers again. Too much waste.

I go with the small buns and the meat will just overwhelm the buns. I bought burgers at Su Carne and these are big burgers.

Now on to get some dill slices. None to be found. There are some whole dill pickles, but I am not going to slice pickles. I settled for pickle relish.

Then I go in search of baked beans. I always get Bush’s Baked Beans. None to be found. I hate Campbell’s Pork and Beans and there are plenty of them. I notice that a large area that used to have several types of Bush’s Baked Beans now filled with the new Rey Brand of canned Guandu.

That was a double disappointment. I can’t stand the Panama national vegetable of Guandu. I almost want to leave the house when Lilliam cooks it to go in rice and I refuse to eat it.

I see that many shelves in El Rey are now filled with its own brand of products. Rey cereal, Rey sodas, Rey this and Rey that. I have been Reyed.

I doubt that I will buy any of the Rey products. I am sure they are less expensive than the ones next to them on the shelves. Since they are replacing products I used to buy, I will boycott them.

This may be the straw that forces me to spend more time in Super Baru. At least I haven’t noticed any Baru brands on the shelf.

I really don’t want to shop in Super 99. After seeing the corruption of the previous administration, I can’t support it. That only leaves me with two choices, El Rey and Super Baru. It is the small things that count and El Rey seem to be removing the little things that matter to me.

In the event of the zombie apocalypse, you’ll be fine. They only eat brains.

Su Carne

I have heard for some time about Su Carne, which is a meat market in David.

Su CarneTuesday I decided to see if I could find it. It is run by Jorge Martinez.

I had met Jorge, when I had gone to see Robert Watson for my back injury.  We both commiserated about Robert’s untimely death and what a great loss it was.

Su Carne is easy to find if you know where it is. However, in David, with typical directions, you may never find it. Natalie and I would not have found it if if we had not called while driving there.

HERE is a Google Map.

Su Carne

Su CarneSu Carne

I didn’t buy anything on this visit, but I did see the meat being processed. He was filling a large order of hamburger patties to be delivered to one of the local restaurants. He carries two types of ground meat. 80-20 for hamburgers and 90-10 when you want less fat.

They carry beef and pork ribs. You can order them without the membrane. I saw a very nice prime rib that had been aged for 14 days.

Now that I know where it is, I will be giving it a try. With all of the recommendations I have had, it has to be good.

Here is the contact information for Jorge Martinez. Contact him if you have a special order to fill and tell him you heard of Su Carne on Chiriquí Chatter.

Jorge A. Martinez
Work # – 507 7742495
Cell # – 507 65214286
Cell # – 507 67816141
Email – yoyomartinez @ hotmail.com (Remove the spaces)

Haircut or Dog Tags

I was starting to look a little shaggy and I solved that problem by going to see Yanie. She has been my barber since 2006. It is the best $3.00 I spend and when I think of the expensive haircuts I had in the U.S. I am grateful.

She has moved twice since I first met her. One of the thing I like about Yanie is that she always has a smile on her face. A great haircut and a smiling face always helps to make the day a little bit better.

HERE is the post showing her location with directions to Dariush Salón. If you see Yanie, tell her you read about her on Chiriquí Chatter.

SmokiN Mamma’s Revisited

It has been about 10 months since I last visited. SmokiN Mamma’s. I had been so disappointed in the pulled pork on my last visit that I hadn’t returned.

Well yesterday I wanted a burger for lunch and Natalie and I made SmokiN Mammas’s out burger stop for the day.

A pleasant surprise was seeing Paula, who I had first met at Verona Pizza. She was always very attentive there and one of the things that SmokiN Mamma’s needed was a good person attending the client’s.

Natalie and I ordered burgers and Onion Bites. I am happy to say both were very good. The burger was still $7.00.

If you stop in, say hi to Paula and tell her that read about her on Chiriqui Chatter.