Notes From Warden’s Meeting on the 20th

I am still in Panama City, but thought I would post this while it is fresh on my mind.

Lilliam and I attended a Warden Meeting at the U.S. Embassy in Panama City on the 20th. This is the second time I have attended a Warden meeting in PC and while it is not an expense free trip, I feel the expense is worth it to be able to meet and talk to the other wardens.

The Embassy gave me more recognition for my support of U.S. Citizens in Chiriquí than I feel worthy of, and I neglected to tell the group that I could not do what I have done without the help I receive from Lilliam. I will tell everyone now. She enjoys helping people and having a David local to intercede when my Spanish breaks down is invaluable.

Not all areas in Panama were represented, but there were 22 wardens in attendance.

Lauren B Armenise (ACS Chief) moderated the meeting. There were presentations from the Regional Security Office (RSO), the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Office (INL), a tour of the Embassy, A Federal Benefits Unit & Non-Immigrant Visa presentation, a American Citizen Services presentation, and got to meet the new Consul General (Alice Seddon).

Much of the information was the same as last year, but there was new information as well. Proof of Life (POL) was covered and HERE is my post on that topic from last year. We were told that they expected fewer problems because of POL and all were thanked for getting the word out. Continue reading

Scopolamine in Panama

I thought I would pass on some more information that recently was posted on our neighborhood watch WhatsApp group.

This warning was sent from friends in Panama City to neighbors on my block, and they shared them.

The warning involved the use of Scopolamine, which has been called the zombie drug in Colombia. With Panama being a neighbor of Colombia, it is not hard to imagine that it is now in Panama.

When Lilliam read the message, she said it had been in Costa Rica a few years back. She then gave me a long lecture to not open the door for anyone that is outside that I don’t know.

When I first read about it, i didn’t give it much credibility, however now that I have done some research, I think the warning should be posted. While doing my research, I found the Snoops writeup on Scopolamine, and if you are’t careful, when you read it, you could assume it is a hoax. Snopes is a site that debunks many hoaxes.

However, if you carefully read Snopes, you will see that it is refuting some cases in the U.S., not that the drug exists and has been used in Colombia.

Especially this time of year when many are going to be shopping in Plaza Terronal, there will be some opportunist thieves looking to relieve unsuspecting people of their purchases or money.

The crooks uses several methods on the victims. One is to pass out fliers or tickets that have even dosed with the drug. Another is selling fake perfume and getting you to smell it.

If this drug is inhaled, then it puts the victim in a state that allows them to follow commands given by the thieves. I remember a fellow writing me about a year ago and what he described happening to him in Boquete sounds just like Scopolamine.

You can do what you want, but I consider this a threat and worth paying attention to.

More Items for Sale

The first of the small items that are ready for sale are Curtains and Video Tripod equipment.

Sale pending – Curtains For Sale   

There are 5 sets of curtains. Each will be sold as a set priced at $15 per individual panel. I will put some photos below to give you an idea.

A Mustard color set
4 panels 46”(116 CM) wide by 85”long (216 cm)

A Cream color set
2 Panels 56” wide (142cm), Long 70” (153cm)

A Cream color
4 panels 47”w (120cm) long 85” (213 cm)

A Cream color set.
2 panels 46” (117cm), 86” (220cm)

A Multicolor set
2 Panels 52” W (132cm) , long 85” 216cm)

SOLD -Video Tripod Equipment – Everything for $25.

Valbron VGB-32C video tripod – Similiar to THIS.

Valbron DL-6 tripod dolly – Similiar to THIS.

Two umbrella tripod stands used to reflect light in the photographic subject. Two umbrellas.
A black canvas Adidas bag holding all equipment.