Cable Onda Speed Tests on December 19


I had thought I had been have Cable Onda problems for several weeks, but I never took the time to sit down and test it. The IDrive installation forced me to take a look and I see that I am not getting what I pay for.

My upload speed is the one that really needs help. Following are several test from this morning. I tried talking to Cable Onda yesterday and they could only say everything looked fine on their end.

As a side note, the phone attendant requested I send the speed tests to along with my customer #. I sent them the URL of this post. I think she said they would respond in 48 hours.

I will add tests throughout the day.

Test at 7:00 AM.

Test at 7:08 AM.

Test at 7:12 AM.

Test at 7:40 AM.

Test at 9:04 AM.

Test at 10:00 AM.

Ping test at 10:20AM. I decided to run a Ping test to check for data loss and line quality. Continue reading

My Daughter’s Cause

I am very proud of my daughter. She has taken up the cause of two abused children that live in her community.

She finally got tired of the misinformation that was being spread by another site that was trying to overturn the conviction of a child molester.

She started a fund to help the molested boys have a good Christmas and offset the expenses that the families have gone through during the trial and the continued harassment caused the other website.

She also presented more information on her blog related to the case. She has several case related posts and THIS THE FIRST.

IDrive First Impressions.

Yesterday, I posted that I was taking advantage of an IDrive Promotion. Well my initial impressions are not good.

This is strictly based on the amount of time it is taking to upload data. At the current rate, to upload 180GB of data is going to take months.

I have not determined why the upload rate is so slow, but if I can’t get the rate to increase, then the experiment has failed.

My experience with DropBox has been much different, which is why I thought this was worth a try, but until I find a reason for the extremely low upload speed, my recommendation is forget it, at least if you are living in Panama.

UPDATE: I have been testing my Cable Onda Speed and it is far below what it should be. That being the case, until I resolve that issue, I need to hold off on the IDrive evaluation. I should have 5Mb’s down and 1 Mb/s up.

UPDATE:The down load speed is close to normal now. The upload speed is better, but not satisfactory.

My 5:45 PM speed test. Cable Onda is definitely causing me problems.

IDrive Promotion

I got a promotional email this morning that offered IDrive backup for 1TB of data for a trial price of $15.

I have been considering some remote PC file backup for some time, but I haven’t been willing to fork over $60 or more a year to see if it would work for me.

The email I got said it was only for today, so this may be a limited offer. If you click HERE and get pricing of more than $15 for the first year, then the offer has been taken down.

After your first year, the price will go to $60/year. $60 is still less than DropBox and many other services.

I would prefer using the Apple iCloud, but it is currently priced out of my range. I believe that all of these services will reduce their prices as competition increases. Prices are already much less than they were just two years ago.

If you want to try out IDrive, then Click HERE. Just make sure the 75% off offer is still in place if $15 is your limit.

The most onerous part of using these services is Internet speed. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to get my initial upload in place. After that it will sync and only upload individual file changes.

If you live in the U.S. the company will send you a USB drive to do the initial upload. Unfortunately, it will be quicker to use the Internet than wait on mail service and the costs for mailing would make the plan non cost effective.

I will try it and let you know in a month how it is working.

NOTE: I am currently backing up about 180GB and it says it will take about 9+ days.

Another Living in Panama Experience

I thought I would tell you about an experience a friend of mine has recently had buying a car in David.

After shopping for several months she found a car meeting her needs and started the process. It was priced at $8,000.

She spent a week trying to get the money transferred from her account in the U.S. to the Panamanian account. When the U.S. bank realized it was an internet request from Panama to the U.S. bank to transfer money to a Panama account the bank froze the account as a fraud case.

When she called, she was told she needed to appear at the bank with two IDs to reactivate the account. Obviously that was not possible. Her son lived in the U.S. and was finally able to convince the bank it was a valid transfer and reactivate the account.

He tried a couple times to make the transfer and each time the transfer didn’t take. The bank would not disclose why the transfer did not go through. After a week, it was determined that either the name on the receiving account or account number might not be exactly correct.

She decided to take a different approach. She had friends in Panama that were willing to give her a cashers check on their Panama account made out to the seller. She gave them a personal check on her U.S. bank for the same amount. They were willing to wait the 20 days for the deposit to clear.

However, when they tried to deposit the check, they learned that their Panama bank would not take a U.S. check for larger than $3,000.

It is becoming extremely clear that banks in Panama really don’t want to have anything to do with U.S. clients or even transactions from the U.S.