“You can’t sleep either?” Says a voice from under your bed.

Cable Onda Out This Morning

Cable Onda went out this morning (Cable TV, Telephone, and Internet). All were functioning when I got up, but went out about 7:00 AM. My backup is always my cell and luckily it is rare for both providers to be out at the same time.

Not a good time for those working via the Internet in Panama or those wanting to make VOIP calls to the U.S.

This is not as serious an outage as not having electricity or water and my outages of those services are usually no more than four times a year.

It is a beautiful day outside. The sun is bright. The birds are singing. A few dogs are barking and pretty much , all is right with the world.

Lilliam thinks it is good for me to take a break from TV and the Internet now and then anyway.

We have plans to eat lunch with a good friend today, so I am confident it is going to be a great day (with or without Internet and TV).

TV returned after an hour and a half. Internet returned ten minutes later. A friend said her service had been going on and off all morning, so there must be work going on are someone has been stealing cable.

I’m not afraid of commitment, I’m afraid of involuntary commitment.

MSTORE Comes To Plaza Terronal

For those of you living in Chiriquí that have moved away from the Dark Side, I have news of an Apple Store that is coming to Plaza Terronal. Google Map.

One of the workers said it should be around eight more days until the store is ready.

Plaza Terronal already has PanaFoto and MultiMax which sell Apple products, but now there will be a store dedicated to Apple products. I hope they will be carrying the iPhone.

The sign on the window says it is an authorized distributor. I will be interested to know if they are also an authorized service center.

It Is A Small Small World

Sometimes I get reminded just how small the world is. For the last several days I have been communicating with a family member of a U.S. Citizen that I am trying to assist for the U.S. Embassy in Panama City.

During yesterday’s conversation at some point I mentioned that I used to work for EDS. Then she said she used to work for EDS too, but now worked for GM.

We continued discussing the individual’s situation. There were several issues we needed plan out and we covered them one by one.

When we had covered all the issues, I changed the subject and asked if she happened to work for GM when GM bought EDS and EDS took over all of GM’s information processing infrastructure.

She said she had been hired two weeks before the EDS acquisition. During that period, I had just accepted a new position in Virginia working as the technical director on an Army contract that EDS has just won. However, when the GM acquisition happened, EDS’s whole world was turned upside down. We had 13,000 employees one day and the next day we had doubled in size.

No one knew where they were going to be working from one day to the next. I was part of the transaction team and went to Detroit for a few day to help transition the GM employees to EDS employees.

These were exciting times. Challenges and opportunities were around every corner. It was similar to moving to Panama as a retiree now. Challenges and opportunities around every corner.

I think we decided that we had both retired from EDS at the same time.

So as I was taking my evening swim yesterday, my thoughts moved to how small the world is. Here I am living a very enjoyable life in Panama, far removed from my old life back in the U.S..

What are the odds that I should find myself helping a person that I worked with for 15 years and never had the pleasure of meeting. Yes we were in different parts of the country, but still I think that is pretty incredible.

I really love my life. Here I am approaching 73, but I am still active, I am in good health, I have a wonderful wife, and it seems like a month never goes by but what I feel like I have been given an opportunity to do something worthwhile.

Life just doesn’t get any better than this.

Pretty sure I’m meant to be a weekend person. The lifestyle suits me.

We all have our bridges. We’re either crossing them, burning them or jumping off of them.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
In the middle of opportunity lies me, taking a nap.