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If It Ain’t Broke………

OK. I thought I was through posting about KODI and the Fire Stick, but I have had a bad experience today.

They have released version 15 of KODI. I decided I would try it on my laptop first. It installed without problem on the laptop. so I decided to try it on the Amazon Fire Stick in my bedroom.

I first uninstalled 14.2 TVMC. Then I downloaded the Android version of KODI 15 to my laptop and moved it over to the Fire Stick. So far so good.

KODI 15 came up fine. However, there were no add ons installed, so I added the Fusion directory and installed the addon, which added the KODI Config program. However, the Config program fails.

OK, so I decide to uninstall KODI 15 and re-install TVMC for the Fire Stick. Again, it installed fine and on initialization, it fails during the config step,

So I have one Fire Stick that is in a native setting until I find out vis the forums, what is going wrong. Had I not deleted TVMC and just installed KODI 15, I would have had an easy backup.

Now i am in a trouble shooting mode.

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Stick It To Um

Amazon Fire Stick
Amazon Fire Stick

I have received my second Amazon Fire Stick and now have configured 5 Fire Sticks for KODI/TVMC. I have liked the FS so well, that I am going to send my Matricom to Panama City with Natalie so she can use it.

As long as you have sufficient Wi-Fi signal, the FS works as well or better than the Matricom and is less than 1/2 the cost.

The only reason to buy the Matricom is to have Ethernet connectivity to the router.

The best thing about the FS is that the remote pairs with the FS and doesn’t require line of sight to work.

I will repeat, before buying any of the Android boxes for KODI, you could try it on your PC first to verify that your internet speed is sufficient. I have had a couple Planet Telecom customers with 2 Mbps or less and have had a lot off buffering.

To test TVMC on your laptop, click HERE, and install the version you need.

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Cable Onda Internet Modem Dies

My Cable Onda modem died that controls both the Internet and the phone. No lights on the unit. It is dead.

I called Cable Onda and they scheduled an appointment for Tuesday between 7:30 AM and noon. How nice of them. No internet for almost three days.

This is Panama and that is what you learn to expect.

This is being posted via my iPhone and Claro.

UPDATE: The problem turned out to be that my UPS went out. I am bypassing it and back online. Wasn’t Cable Onda Modem after all. However, it was a good test of their service.

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