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This is too good to not share. On another unnamed site, an inspirational comment was penned not long ago inspiring people to “Relax and enjoy the journey”.

How often we forget this wisdom. I know I often get tied up in all sorts of mundane things and forget that it is the journey that is important.

Thank you Cloudless for showing how to apply the wisdom, that was so eloquently given, and how to enjoy the journey.

I am in the process of enjoying the journey to “hopefully” some good BBQ’d ribs on this glorious day. I must remember the journey and I must remember to remain relaxed.

I want to share Cloudless’s delightful story. Happy journeys to all today and remember to remain relaxed and enjoy the journey. Click on the following image to enlarge.

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More people would use gambling addiction hotlines if every 10th caller was a winner.

MC Update October 12

It has been 9 days since Marion entered the hospital and she is still under 24 hour a day watch.

On the October 5 update, i mentioned that the doctor was concerned about the possibility of Marion having a fistula and taking great precautions during surgery to protect against fistula problems.

The doctor had stated that cases, with potential fistulas, extend and complicate the healing process. I am telling you this so you have an appreciation why visitation has not been opened up beyond family.

It should be obvious that were this a simple problem, Marion would already have been transferred to a different room.

From the conversations Deborah has had with the medical staff, they are cautiously optimistic. When visitations begin, it will be extremely important that conversations are positive and short enough to not tire Marion.

Marion is still giving Deborah tasks and directions on what she needs to accomplish. That is always a good sign.

After we left, she was supposed to have an X-Ray. Maybe we will know more tomorrow.

Crimes Against Foreign Citizens Living In Panama – Proposal

I received the following request.

Request…Would you please run the following in Chiriqui Chatter?
Thank You..Dale & John
– – – –

Crimes Against Foreign Citizens Living In Panama – Proposal

The Ambassadorial section of the US Embassy in Panama has the ability to address security problems of US Citizens with the Panamanian government. ( Likewise, other ex-pats living in Panama have their own Embassy officials they can contact with regards to their safety concerns. )

· As US Citizens living in the extended Boquete areas of Panama we can collectively present “our security and safety issues” to our US Ambassador in Panama.

· We can present the crime statistics and the opinion of our local police officials regarding the youth who are committing these life threatening home invasion crimes against American Citizens living in the extended Boquete area… and why the capture, arrest and release without prosecution of these criminals continues to encourage these violent crimes against American Citizens.

· If correctly presented, we feel working via our Embassy is the most effective means of motivating the Panamanian government to change its laws concerning under-age offenders committing the life threatening crimes against Americans…not only in the extended Boquete area but throughout all of Panama.

· We feel a group of concerned citizens (consisting of Americans living in the extended Boquete area) need to develop a proposal for the Warden to consider presenting to our Ambassador.

· Once the Warden is in agreement we anticipate the Warden (possibly accompanied by a few delegates) will need to meet with our US Ambassador (or their appointee) in Panama City to present our concerns.

· … American Citizens living in other regions of Panama can work with their Warden and Embassy in a similar fashion
… Ex-pats from other countries living in the extended Boquete area (and other regions of Panama) can work with their Warden and Embassy in a similar fashion.
Dale Jackson & John Sandeen

MC Update October 11

Again not much new to report. They are trying to get Marion to tolerate real food and that is going slowly.

Deborah has started to plan for visitations, when they are allowed. She has talked about setting up an email so that people can register a day to visit. Deborah understands it is frustrating to drive to David and want to visit Marion and be turned away.

The doctor has warned Deborah that a recovery from this sort of wound takes longer than normal and to be patient.

When Deborah has setup her visitation process, I will post it.

Anti Crime Rally

I received a request to post the following.

Hi Don,
Can you please post this? Thanks, Linda

I have an idea I want to share with you, the community. We are ALL sick and tired of crime in Chiriqui; I’d like to sit back and do nothing, but I feel it is OUR – that is – ALL OF OUR – duty to work together and try to make positive changes we can live with. This is our chosen home.

We have the flea market every first Sunday of each month, and a secondary new one on the third Saturday of the month. The Sunday market attracts about 70 to 80 vendors and maybe around 500 people come through the market in the course of three hours (a good combination of Panamanians and gringos). Here’s my idea – we’ll set up a table, invite the mayors, Athena, police, media, and public. I see a questionnaire for both Panamanians and Expats asking for input about how to treat our maleantes – like a vote – to present to the powers that be. And this should NOT be the only anti crime rally – just another in series. Chiriqui Storage is centrally located, attracts crowds from David, Dolega, Potrerillos and Boquete, so why not go with the venue and use this opportunity?

I cannot sit and keep watching; I need to do, BUT I NEED YOUR HELP!! I need volunteers to help organize this. If you think this is a good idea please email me at for your suggestions and if you want to be a part of this. OR if you have a BETTER idea!! As Dianne said to me we need to keep the ball rolling.


Linda Pedersen — I cannot do this alone!

Chiriquí Life

I received a request to post the following:

Bud Huber, longtime Boquete resident and co-administrator of News Boquete, has created a new community website,, whose centerpiece is a new Boquete forum for the exchange of ideas and discussion of local issues. Totally ad-free and politics-free, Chiriqui Life offers its readers a unique opportunity to learn about our area and contribute to its betterment.
Join now, meet your neighbors, and participate at:

Boquete Ning Rebuttals

Normally I ignore comments on other Internet media, but personnel associated with Boquete Ning are making that difficult. When Boquete Ning personnel besmirch my name and character and I cannot respond on Boquete Ning, I will respond the only way I can, and that is here.

I want to cover five items that have been voiced on BN, which I consider personally insulting, without foundation and very hurtful.

  1. Personal and cordial email from Mr. Hunter.
  2. Bashing Ning
  3. Encouraging others to create a Ning
  4. Interested in driving traffic to Chiriquí Chatter
  5. Not interested in crime or the current case with Marion.

Personal and cordial email from Mr. Hunter Continue reading Boquete Ning Rebuttals