Message for U.S. Citizens: Town Hall Meeting- Panama Province

Ambassador Jonathan Farrar invites interested U.S. Citizens in Panama Province to a Town Hall Meeting

When: Wednesday, September 17th

Where: Ambassador’s Residence

Time: 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Please register:

NLT than September 12th. Space is limited to 150 guests.

IMPORTANT: After registering, you will receive a message confirming your participation. You must present this confirmation along with proof of citizenship to enter the Residence grounds. Thank you for your cooperation.

Parking Information:

• Parking at the Residence is on a first come, first serve basis and is very limited.

• We recommend that you carpool or take alternate methods of transportation, e.g., taxi, if possible.

Shuttle Service:

There is a shuttle available, but limited to 30 spaces, for those living in the Clayton area. You will need to park in the parking lot outside of the Embassy entrance. The shuttle departs at 2:30 p.m.

No Video Cameras or Video Recording Permitted

Out With the Old – In With The New

IMG_0241In the past, to park in David, you bought parking cards. They were 10 cents for thirty minutes. Now I see that parking meters are going in. I think they will require 25 cents per unit of time, but I do not know what the unit of time is yet.

Natalie tells me that the locals are not very happy with the new system. It will go into effect soon and meters are going up all over town.


Need a Special Dress – See Pia du Pradal

I have met a lot of wonderful people because of this blog and because of volunteering as a Warden for the U.S. Embassy in Panama. One is Pia du Pradal who lives in Brisbane, Australia.

She is the aunt of the young man whose father was murdered on his ship that was moored in Chiriquí. The young man was shot in the back and his Panamanian wife saved his life. I have stayed in touch with them and Lilliam and I plan on visiting Pia in Australia in the next couple of years.

A very close friend of the young man assisted Lilliam and I with all of our arrangements in UntitledLas Vegas. She took us to the marriage license office, gave is a tour of the city and attended our wedding and much more. It is amazing how small the world is and how many lives become interconnected.

Back to Pia. She is a world class fashion designer and has been chosen to provide apparel for many Australian dignitaries. She is an elegant lady and it has been my pleasure to get to know her.  I have been following her latest collection on FaceBook. Here is an example from that collection. You can see more at her website.


A postcard request

It has been a while since I received a request like this, but helping out a youngsters learning is at the top of my list. I thought a few other people might like to participate as well. Perhaps you need to learn where a post office is.

Our grandson started kindergarten this month and already they have a project.

They are collecting postcards from everywhere to practice reading skills, geography, etc.

If you have a chance, jot something about living in Panama and send it to

Mrs. Mehringer’s Kindergarten
c/o Benbrook Elementary
800 Mercedes
Benbrook TX 76126

Muy apreciada, gracias!

jim and nena