Technology Changes

I am sometimes amazed when I think back and see all the technology changes that have occurred during my lifetime.

Take the telephone. The first telephone I remember hung on the wall and had a hand crank that you used to call someone. We were two longs and a short. A party line was a way of life and anything said on the phone was known by many of the nosey neighbors instantly.

Then the phone moved to a rotary dial and you dialed the number of the person you wanted. And remember, it usually started with two letters followed by a number. Then we moved to pushbuttons on the phone.

Eventually we started having mobil phones and the difference between my first mobile phone, that was installed in my car and had a large battery case I could pull out to take to a meeting, and the phone I have now is unbelievable. Continue reading Technology Changes

Do I just call you or should we resolve this quickly with 200 text messages?

Remember kids, with today’s Bachelors Degree you can run the fry machine, but with a Masters you can start as Assistant Manager.

I don’t appreciate how quickly you agree when I admit that I’m imperfect.

Way To Go Amazon

I received an email today from a company whose product I had purchased that was ordered through Amazon. The company was wanting me to review the product.

The email reminded me of the order, which I had sent to my daughter in Texas. I looked at the order on Amazon and it was delivered on the 3rd of August.

The shipping notice said it had been left at the mailroom. Unfortunately, there is no mailroom.

I contacted my daughter and it must have been left by the front door and walked off. Bummer.

I wrote Amazon and explained the problem. Two hours later I received an email from Amazon stating that they had credited my account. Now that is what I call service.

Way to go Amazon.

The most efficient way to kill almost anything living is for me to plant it in my yard.

Entrepan Revisited

Since my first visit to Entrepan, I have revisited several times. It has become my go to place for sandwiches. Entrepan has one of the best, if not the best, hamburgers in David. Luis uses a special butcher to provide him with quality beef.

I have had several different sandwiched now and two recent ones are shown on this post.

On my last visit, two of us also tried Luis’s desserts. I had the brownie and it was fantastic. The other dessert shown is the ice-cream sandwich. Luis prepares everything in this restaurant from scratch, including the bread, to insure it is fresh and tastes great.

So many different types of sandwiches, each representing a sandwich as prepared in its country of origin. I have had one from Cuba and one from France and a good old USA hamburger. All great and more to be tried.

If you drop in, Chef Luis will be the one in the kitchen. Tell him you heard about Entrepan from Chiriquí Chatter.


In today’s world, it’s not a date until you’ve looked up from your screen and made eye contact

Security Alert for AVAST Users

As a result of listening to a couple Netcasts, I have been made aware of a security problem, if you use AVAST as your Anti Virus software. I have used AVAST for a long time, but it has now been removed from my MacBook Pro laptop.

I have replaced AVAST with SOPHOS, which I have used in the past.

This is just a heads-up to anyone using AVAST as their AV.

The following Netcast of Security Now covers the problem, but the video is a 2 hour video.