I received a request to post the following.


Comfortable upper floor of very large house in the Cerro Punta cloud forest about 20 minutes from Volcan. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 2 fireplaces, 2 Balconies

Gardens with Bougainvillea, Roses, Calla and Tiger lilies, other flowers and birds galore.

View of stream and waterfalls you can hear as you fall asleep. Accessible from paved road bordered by tall Pine and Cypress trees.

At 7,000 feet with temperatures ranging from mid 50’s to mid 70″s Fahrenheit

This area includes horse, dairy and vegetable farms. There are nearby restaurants, Spas, horse and hiking trails and markets with local produce.

A great place to hide away, relax, enjoy nature and maybe even write a bestseller.

6 months or 1 year lease preferred — First and last months’ rent plus security deposit

RENT $800 TO $1000 per month depending on length of lease

Ample parking with electric security gate.

Electricity, Water, Internet and Alarm System included

RENT $800 TO $1000 per month depending on length of lease

Owners are currently in Panama but will leave soon. Act quickly and request an appointment by email to sandraleeaird@gmail.com Mention reference code B.

By the time I realized my parents were right, I had kids that didn’t believe me.

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House Sitters

I received a request to post the following.

Hello Don Ray. Our friend Suzi Peel from Boquete suggested we contact you. As you can see from our posting below, we are a couple in our 60’s who have been to Panama many times. Would you be able to help us by posting the following? Suzi said you know everyone and everything about the area
and have much helpful information. We are in the transition stage hoping to spend more time in Panama. Here is our post:


We are a non-smoking retired American couple in their 60’s from Tampa Bay, Florida. We have been to Panama many times and love the country and people. We come with references. We are returning
to Boquete next January, February, March and would like to house sit again. We do not charge and are happy to watch your animals if needed ~ no cats ~ I am highly allergic.
Best regards,
Susan Picciuto

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Body Shop

Someone used the contact area to ask for a recommendation for a body shop. Unfortunately, they provided a bad email address and I could not reply. Double check your email entry on the contact tab.

Here is my recommendation for body shop work in David.





Leaving Panama Sale

I received a request to post the following

Leaving Panama Garage Sale. 9 days PP
Commencing Saturday, September 5th at 9am. Continuing until 4pm each day.

Furniture, appliances, tools, inventions, office, entertainment, and computers. Everything goes. Even my classic Mercedes.

Located in Las Palmas– find the airport and follow the signs. Call 6809-4510 for further information.

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My grandson:
My Daughter:
My grandson: Isn’t that lying?

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