Getting Reconnected

I have been a very fortunate person. When I look at my life, I really have a hard time finding anything to complain about. Many years of my life were working for Ross Perot’s EDS. So many wonderful people and so many outstanding experiences.

Five days ago, a Secret Group was formed on FaceBook. You could only join if invited by another EDS Alumni. In five days the membership has grown to over 8,000. So many fond memories hit me with each new post.

For sure, my time in EDS was an amazing time in in the U.S. in an amazing company with amazing people.

This post is is about one of those people. Joe Rowe was a person I met in the early 70’s. He was an individual that left an indelible mark on everyone that met him. I wrote about him in a post in 2008.

I am sorry to say that living in Panama created so many challenges that I lost track of Joe. That is I lost track until day before yesterday.

A thread was started on this new FB group, which listed him as one that was no longer living. Reading each name on this list gave me pause to think and feel grateful that I am still here. However, seeing Joe’s name brought back all my memories of him.

Luckily, the next day, he joined the group and reported that the rumors of his death were highly exaggerated.

I was able to find him on FaceBook and am in the process of being reconnected. If you had read my 2008 post on Joe, you know he was one of many that was hit with polio at an early age.

Here is what Joe wrote on his ABOUT portion of his FaceBook page. Continue reading Getting Reconnected

July 4th Tip I proved yesterday:
If you throw veggie burgers on the grill then next year, someone else will host the cookout.

Junk food would be easier to avoid if it actually tasted like junk.

Number 15 is in the Books

Tom McCormack had his number 15 container unloaded yesterday. He had plenty of help scheduled so I didn’t post an advance notice. 15 containers of medical equipment and supplies that benefit all of Panama.

I did take a few photos which will be at the end of of the post.

The photo I will post as a standalone follows. As the line had formed and items were being passed down the line, we noticed a flock of birds directly overhead circling. Now I don’t know if this was because so much medical equipment in one place usually implies pending death or if there was another reason.

I did hear Tom look up and say, “Not today!” However, the birds continued circling.

The last three photos show the bodega after it was filled. Not bad for one container and some items had already been distributed. Tom did say he has enough at his house in the US to fill 1/2 of another container.

Son: How will I know when I’ve met the perfect woman?
Me: She will usually tell you.

You know you’re tired when you kneel on the ground pick something up and then have to decide if it’s easier to get up or just live there now

You can tell a lot about a woman by the way she throws a toaster at you

New house for Sale in Bugaba

I received a request to post the following.

It is on titled land and was built in late 2012.

Original Price was $62,000 now $42,000 or best offer.

Priced for quick sale.

It is a larger than normal Bariada style house construction area nearly 300mtx2 on titled land 501mtx2 built at the end of 2012.

Two main security doors with multi point locking. Verja metal bars installed behind the windows inside the house it gives better security and looks better.

Kitchen is separate with a nice hardwood door with glass windows to maintain heat and odors from the rest of the house.

Large living room area with space to set a large couch and coffee table.

Dining area with room perfect for family meals and Entertainment of a large TV.

Big enough bathroom that a washing machine can fit in it.

Two large bedroom’s that fits a king size bed with room to spare.

A separate future Guestroom partially completed already has the roof and two walls it will have it’s own bathroom and own main exit door so your guest can enter and leave the room without going through the whole house.

Rear terrace with good space for table and chairs and B.B.Q. with full roof.

Good asphalt road all the way with internet and telephone service. Near the new hospital in Bugaba. Just 3 minutes away from the New Super Romero.

For more information contact Zech at 6264-8385 (English or Spanish)

1998 Audi A6 – For Sale by Owner

I received a request to post the following:

Information of Car
Make    Audi
Model    Audi A6
Price    $5,200 $4,850 $4,000 $3,800 or best offer
Year    1998
Kilometers    151000
Motor    2.4 Liter
Transmission   Automatic
Four-Door Sedan
Color     azul
Seatbelts    5 Passenger
Aluminum Wheels
All Season Tires
6 Disc Compact Changer
For more information contact Zech at 6264-8385 (English or Spanish)